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Vinyl Floor Stickers

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Show customers your commitment to their health and safety by customising these anti-slip vinyl floor stickers with your own branding.

  • Ideal for social distancing messaging
  • Round and square available
  • Free artwork and templates available


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Free Artwork

Select from our range of pre-designed artworks below

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In order to get the artwork which is right for you. Please select a size below.

Safe Distance Blue 500mm Round
One Way System Red 500mm Round
Wait Here Orange 500mm Round
One Way Yellow 500mm Round
Please Queue Here Yellow 500mm Round
Queue Here Floor Sticker A4
Please Wait Here A4 Landscape
Way In A4 Landscape
Way Out A4 Landscape
One Way A4 Landscape
Stand Here A4 Landscape
Please Wait Here A4 Landscape
Maintain Distance A4 Landscape
Social Distance A4 Portrait
Shopping Safe A4 Landscape
Stop A4 Landscape
Queue Here Floor Sticker A3
Please Wait Here A3 Landscape
Way In A3 Landscape
Way Out A3 Landscape
One Way A3 Landscape
Stand Here A3 Landscape
Please Wait Here A3 Landscape
Maintain Distance A3 Landscape
Social Distance A3 Portrait
Shopping Safe A3 Landscape
Stop A3 Landscape
Queue Here Floor Sticker A2
Please Wait Here A2 Landscape
Way In A2 Landscape
Way Out A2 Landscape
One Way A2 Landscape
Stand Here A2 Landscape
Please Wait Here A2 Landscape
Maintain Distance A2 Landscape
Social Distance A2 Portrait
Shopping Safe A2 Landscape
Stop A2 Landscape
One Way System Red 400mm Round
Wait Here Orange 400mm Round
Safe Distance Blue 400mm Round
One Way Yellow 400mm Round
Please Queue Here Yellow 400mm Round
One Way System Red 300mm Round
Wait Here Orange 300mm Round
Safe Distance Blue 300mm Round
One Way Yellow 300mm Round
Please Queue Here Yellow 300mm Round

Download one of our artwork templates by choosing the size and file type from the drop-down lists below. Add your artwork over the top of our templates for the best results. If your chosen format isn't there, then place the PDF format for guidance into your chosen program when creating artwork.
Just remember to remove our template layer from your artwork before uploading.

Get a feel for our huge range of quality stocks with a free sample pack, tailored to your project.

What paper stocks are included?
  • Silk, 400gsm
  • Cosmo Pink, 320gsm
  • Lux, with a pink core, 810gsm
  • Tearproof, 318gsm
  • Tintoretto Gesso, 300gsm
  • Silver Gloss
  • White Gloss
  • Trucard, 300gsm
  • Laid, 300gsm
  • Acquerello, 280gsm
  • Recycled Uncoated, 160gsm
  • Tearproof, 318gsm
  • Silk, 350gsm
  • Gloss 200gsm
  • Silk, 350gsm
  • Uncoated, 350gsm
  • Uncoated, 120gsm

Can’t see your country on the list? Contact and our Customer Service team will arrange your Sample Pack delivery.

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