It’s a date – getting you in the know about 2016

We’ve put together a few fun facts and dates for your diary (or those photo calendars or personalized planners), to get you excited about this particular 12-month slice of our collective near-future.

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How to make your own GIFs

Ever wondered what makes a good GIF and how you can make your own? If your answer was yes, then today is your lucky day because we’ve knocked together the GIF guide that keeps on giving.

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10 graphic design memes you can’t live without

There are certain times in a designer’s life when only a meme will do, and these 10 memes are for those very times.

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September’s brilliant bits: our must-see blogs, sites and creatives

Want to know what the creatives at have been browsing this month? Click through for a wealth of creative inspiration and some great art.

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The Goodprint customer tour of

If you've come straight from Goodprint, take this quick welcome tour of and see what's in store for you.

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How to design greeting cards in Adobe Illustrator - a tutorial designer, Dan, brings you the lowdown on creating greeting card artwork for print.

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Font of the month: Selfie

Want a little inspiration or some fresh-looking fonts for your collection? Check out our pick for font of the month, September.

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How to set up your own creative social events

Dan Spain from Design Stuff gives you pointers on how to arrange your own social creative events.

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How to design a calendar in Adobe Illustrator

Setting up artwork for calendars can be tricky—luckily designer, Dan, is on hand to show you how to nail it easily first time.

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Create custom wrapping paper using posters

Design your own Christmas gift tags and gift labels with stickers and business cards.

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