Doug Elliot: how to transform your art into a bound book

Watercolour painter, Doug Elliot, shows you how he transformed his paintings into an artwork book and why you should try it too.

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5 reasons you should try unfinished flat sheets

What could unfinished flat sheets be doing for you and your business? They’re a secret waiting to be discovered…

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Express yourself: 10 reaction GIFs every designer needs

Designers, express yourselves! We explore some of the common triumphs and annoyances in the design world, through the majestic medium of the cat GIF.

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Customer stories: where are they now?

We visit the authors of 5 top customer stories to hit the blog and find out what they’re getting up to.

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How to design a business card in Photoshop designer, Dan, gives you a step by step tutorial on business card design in Photoshop, so you can create your own cards, fuss free.

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Showitoff: summer lovin’ showcase

You share them, and we can't get enough of them! Here are our top #showitoff picks for summer.

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5 most hated fonts (and why we secretly love them)

We name and shame the five most hated fonts and why some designers just can’t seem to stay away from them.

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Competition time: the big business card design-off

If you like the sound of having your business card design featured in our gallery and earning printed points for each sale, then step right this way...

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Which business card are you?

Magnetic, square, Lux, original or textured—take the quiz and find out which business card best represents you.

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Get the scoop: new business card range

Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth (or so to speak)—Product Manager, Martin,gives you all the juicy details on the new business card range here at

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