To fold or not to fold: exploring the folded business card

“Talented, beguiling, and downright irresistible” — find out why Product Manager, Martin, loves a good folded business card.

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Universities vs. student unions: the shopping list-off

The students are heading to campus for the new academic year and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to get the print order in. Check out our shopping list-off between student unions and universities.

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Should you swap to square?

It’s time to think outside of the square. We tell you just why square business cards are one of our new favourites and what else you could be doing with them.

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How to fit a day’s work into just a few hours

Need to fit a whole day’s work into a two or three hour time slot? We’ve assembled a list of workload hacks to help you smash your to-do list into smithereens.

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Why you should try turning your designs into home art

Home and office artwork printing — the demand is there, so if you haven’t given this a try, why not? We show you how many options there are and which ones might be best for you.

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Meet the exclusive new Rives paper stocks

You asked us for more info on our two newest papers and we couldn’t help but divulge. Here is your introduction to the exclusive Rives Tweed and Rives Dot papers.

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Discovering display boards: 4 ways to wow with them

Display boards: they look cool, they sound like they’re something you should be considering, but how on earth do you use them? We take you on a voyage of board-related discovery…

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Doug Elliot: how to transform your art into a bound book

Watercolour painter, Doug Elliot, shows you how he transformed his paintings into an artwork book and why you should try it too.

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5 reasons you should try unfinished flat sheets

What could unfinished flat sheets be doing for you and your business? They’re a secret waiting to be discovered…

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Express yourself: 10 reaction GIFs every designer needs

Designers, express yourselves! We explore some of the common triumphs and annoyances in the design world, through the majestic medium of the cat GIF.

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