Customer creative special - The Great British Bake Off

Feeling peckish or on a diet? Don’t read this blog. The Great British Bake Off is back and we couldn’t help but gather the very best designs from our cake loving customers, along with a few puns inspired by Mel and Sue.

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After a banner celebrating County Durham based gymnast Amy Tinkler’s return home was stolen, worked closely with Heart FM to replace it.

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Women in print by Arrest All Mimics

Award winning illustrator Ben Tallon meets Jane Bowyer, an independent graphic designer and illustrator who recently curated the ‘Women in Print’ exhibition. They discuss her shift into freelance design, how she made the exhibition happen, and share stories on how she is revered in Japan.

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Punchy retail print ideas for sales and new lines

With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, we have some last minute advice for retailers looking to cash in on the last big summer sale, as well as promote their new lines.

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Friday's Favourites - a sporty special!

We’re feeling all fit and fantastic this Friday! Head over to see a roundup of great customer creations with a special sports theme for you to nose over!

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6 office personalities we all work with at some point

Do you know these colleagues? At one point or another, these six office personalities crop up in the workplace. Check them out and see who you know, or even who you might be…

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Arrest All Mimics – the 10-year-old freelance creative!

It is funny how drawing at a young age can become a career. And some start really early - Liam Gall is already selling his creations in the playground, at 10 years old! Ben Tallon meets the budding entrepreneur to discuss business plans, drawing techniques and the future. Warning – this podcast is adorable.

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Is your freelance skillset diverse enough?

In search of diversification motivation? Freelance Graphic Designer, Xander Campbell, tells you where to start.

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Friday's Favourites

We have some serious creative envy this week! Our customers really have been pulling it out of the bag with their crafty skills and cleverness - this week we are showing off wedding stationery, business cards, prints and pin backs!

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My freelance life (Part 4)

In Matt’s latest blog on freelancing, he reveals what happened after the company he was working for went into liquidation. There are lots of lessons learned in this blog, so make sure you give it a read.

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