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There are many extra things to consider when creating artwork for print and one that we often get asked about is personalisation. To help you make sure your work is print ready from the word go, we’ve made this handy video to help you.  Just follow the steps shown and you’ll be well on your way!

Any questions? Feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Want to see more videos? Well you’re in luck! We have plenty of “how to”, design guides and other videos on the you tube channel, “printed TV”. 

If there is something you think we should make a video about, just let us know!


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13 comments on “Personalisation explained by

  1. Jenna Gold on

    I’ve been wondering how this works! Very clever, though I would like to know how you match the font? If its one we have made or downloaded do we need to send a link along with the artwork?

  2. Abi on

    All you need to do is send us in the CSV file of names and the artwork. We have a colossal range of fonts and will match the font up for you. Nice and simple

  3. Aine Kelly on

    Helpful video, but I wish we just had the option of providing a multi-page PDF at the same or similar cost of a single-page PDF (ie printing a 100-page file once instead of printing a 1-page file 100 times). In the case of place cards, it is more than DOUBLE the cost to personalise, which is nuts. I requested a bespoke quote to supply a multi-page PDF for place cards (because the names use a calligraphy font that I need to typeset myself) and the response was to just supply that with a blank .csv file. So I have to pay more than double either way. I’m currently looking at other options (which I’d rather not do as I like!).



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