Plant list plant list

Print Facility
1 HP Indigo 5500
1 HP Indigo 5000
2 HP Indigo 7500
1 HP Indigo 7600
2 HP 6200 60” large format inkjet (paper/film)
1 HP 6200 42” large format inkjet (paper/film)
3 HP DesignJet 26500 large format inkjet
1 HP Scitex LX600
3 Xeikon 8000

Finishing Department
2 Wholenberg 115 guillotine
2 Wholenberg 76 guillotine
1 Polar 78 guillotine
5 Morgana Autocreaser
2 Duplo FoldMaster
1 Morgana DocuMaster (booklet stitcher)
1 Caslon Zip 21C (business card cutter)
2 BB300 Durst Inserter
1 PFE DL Envelope Encloser
2 Mogana Digifold
2 Pitstop creaser c/w MB Folder
2 Nagel Booklet Stitcher
1 CP Bourg Perfect Binder
1 Kern 2500 Automailer Inserter DL/C5
2 Lamtex Emerald 76 Laminator
1 Seal 62 Plus large format laminator
1 Seal 62 Pro large format laminator
1 Sallmettal large format laminator
1 Jopevi J239 eyeleting machine
1 Citoborma paper drill
1 SOAG paper drill

15 Mac/PC design/artwork workstations
1 Toshiba 2100c colour printer/proofer



We have been certified with internationally recognised quality standards. In working to these strict standards we are constantly striving to improve our overall process, the benefits of which you will enjoy.

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