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Lifetime discount

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Customer donations

rewards programme

Reward Programme

The work you do is important, so you shouldn't have to pay the earth for it. Join up with your academic email address and you'll receive a 15% discount on all your orders to help you fund the things that really matter.

Education and inspiration
go hand in hand.

High quality, vibrant print is a great way to
instil aspiration and growth in students
and is the very foundation
of learning.

How it works

Join our programme by filling out the form below, using your academic information. Once we have your details, we'll generate a unique promotional code and email it directly to you within two working days. You can then log in, order your print and enter your code at the checkout!

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Reward Programme

Would you like our customers to donate their printed points to your school?

*By selecting yes, you give permission for us to use your organisation in advertising and promotional items. This will involve having your organisation name on our website, social sites and printed products.

Read more about our Reward Programme here.

  • Ethics

    Here at, we're not just passionate about great print and design. Responsible printing, supporting schools and charities, and giving back to the local community are also driving forces behind what we do.

  • Environment

    When it comes to the environment, we try to lead the print industry by example. Our company is Forest Stewardship Council accredited and has secured ISO 14001. We recycle 100% of our production waste, making us one green company indeed.

  • Interns

    We believe in helping others work towards a brighter future for themselves. As part of our 'job creation' initiative, we operate a full apprenticeship scheme at our Newcastle production plant and run a work experience and internship programme in our London head office.

  • Community

    Community is important to us- aside from our Education Programme, we also give charities the support they need to help inspire change and our 'job creation' scheme helps give valuable work experience to young people and job seekers.



We have been certified with internationally recognised quality standards. In working to these strict standards we are constantly striving to improve our overall process, the benefits of which you will enjoy.