15% off Stickers
Limited promo - T's & C's apply


15% off Stickers
Limited promo - T's & C's apply


Donate printed points to Charity

  • Reward points for folded leaflets

    1764 printed
    points can get
    a charity
    1000 leaflets...

    100 leaflets can increase
    awareness and funding through.

  • Reward points for stationery

    7812 printed
    points can get
    supplies for a
    whole year...

    Stationery supplies mean
    funding can be spent where it
    matters, reaching the community.

  • Reward points for banner stands

    8652 printed
    points can get
    1000 folded

    1000 folded leaflets can increase
    education, awareness and
    funding through advertising

We are committed to giving back to the community, so we give all registered charities a 15% discount. This means they can use their funds where it matters, by spending less on print costs.

If you're not going to use your points, why not donate them to one of the charities that use printed.com?

For every £1 you spend with printed.com you are rewarded with printed points. You can use these to get discounts on your print orders, or spend them on any of thousands of products from our reward partners. But if you're not going to use your printed points, why not donate them to a charity of your choosing? By giving your points away, you'll help charities reach more people this year.

We have over 60 charities registered with printed.com and each one needs all the support they can get. People do amazing things to raise money for charity and we think donating your printed points will help that little bit more.

How do you donate your points?

  • Login and go to
    My Account
  • Select 'Donate Points'
    from the left hand side
  • Choose the charity you
    want to donate to
  • Enter the amount of points
    you want to give
donate now

How can your points help?

8652 points can get 1000
folded leaflets.
folded leaflets

1000 folded leaflets can be used for education, awareness and fundraising.

7812 points can get enough
stationery for an entire year.
folded leaflets

This means funds can be used where they matter, reaching the wider community.

11760 points can get three
banner stands.
folded leaflets

Banner stands can be used at events throughout the year to educate and raise awareness.

Hear from one of our charity customers

So Precious is a charity that provides support to Neonatal and Maternity services in Forth Valley and to the babies, parents and carers who use their services.

So Precious worked with printed.com to produce flyers as advertising for the inaugural So Precious Charity Ball, raising money for much needed equipment to help save babies' lives.

To find out about how you can help the So-Precious Charity visit

We're green!

printed.com is committed to leading the printing industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment through the prevention of pollution, minimising waste and good environmental management practices, all of which we have been externally audited by leading global organisations.



We have been certified with internationally recognised quality standards. In working to these strict standards we are constantly striving to improve our overall process, the benefits of which you will enjoy.