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10 DIY ways to print affordable wedding stationery

Wedding stationery is an essential component of any wedding day. But, it’s no secret that it can be expensive. When you factor in wedding Save the Dates, Invites, RSVPs and extras like Envelope Liners, Belly Bands and Tags, you can have a hefty bill before you’ve even got to your on the day print like Menus, Place Names, Table Plans and Order of Services.

Read our 10 ways to make your wedding stationery printing cheaper below…

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DIY Wedding Favours

Wedding favours printed at

Image: Pinterest

Save on the cost of wedding favours by doing it yourself. Sure, it might take a little time, but you can guarantee you’ll not only be saving on the cost of the favours, you’ll also save money by staying in a few evenings a week to get them complete.

Create your DIY favours

Create your own Invites

Vellum printing, print with vellum, how to use vellum printing

Don’t pay someone else to be the middle man! Cut out the excess cost by going it alone. Create your own Wedding Invite designs and print them yourself.


Work out what you really need

How wedding stationers can make a difference to charity

Using some small print hacks for the wedding day can be a lifesaver when it comes to affordability. How about doubling up your Place Names with your Favours? Or perhaps, skip the table names and choose an impressive Table Plan.

Figure out the essentials

Get inspired by others

How to create standout Wedding stationery

Saving money on your print is easy when you see how other’s are doing it. Get inspired to save money on Wedding Print by taking inspiration from these 30 wedding stationers on Instagram.

30 Wedding Stationers to follow

Double impact table names

Personal touches to perfect your wedding stationery designs

Your Table Names and Place Settings can double up as favours if you’re creative. Don’t stick to standard numbered tables – have a little fun! We’ll show you how with these 10 fun ideas. A versatile Gift Tag can work wonders here!

10 ways to name your tables

Discover the versatile Sticker

Littlebird Wedding acetate wrap

Stickers are the affordable, easy, versatile way to add a little extra to your Wedding Stationery, without breaking the budget. From sealing Envelopes to adding extra to your table settings, discover 5 ways to use them, here.

5 ways to use Stickers 

Choose the right paper

Gesso Paper stock

Image credit: Anna Gwenlian

Ensuring sure you choose the right paper stock is important. Why? Because your paper helps carry your theme, set the tone and also add a little depth to your designs. Choosing the right paper can mean that you need to add less embellishments – saving you money!

Find your paper

Look for offers and discount saving schemes

From loyalty programmes (like our Printed Points system) to bundle offers, there are lots of ways to save on your stationery. We’ve got five top tips below, so do your wallet a favour and check them out before you order.

5 ways to save on print

Discover print hacks to save money

Lottery ticket DIY wedding favours

Image: Lucian Wickham-Hurd

Using Folded Leaflets or Postcards as a base for your Invites, Menus or Order of Services is a quick money saving hack that you need to know about! Plus, with loads of paper stocks on offer, no one will know your secret.

6 ways to use Folded Leaflets

6 ways to use Postcards

Save money on your memories

Printing your memories can get expensive. Save money with our creative tips for photography after the big day here.

Make your memories affordable

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