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How to choose the right paper for your Save the Dates

Ok, so the big question’s been asked – what now?! Once you’ve decided on a venue and booked a date, it’s time to let people know! That’s where Save the Dates comes in.

As most weddings are booked and planed months (even years!) ahead, you’ll want to let people know about your big day – but it’s likely you’ll be lacking any real information at this point. A Save the Date is a handy little reminder of what’s coming up and also lets people know in plenty of time so that they can arrange their holidays and schedules accordingly.

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Or, find out which paper to choose to suit your big day below!

How to use foiling to create standout Wedding Stationery

If you already know what kind of a them you’d like, your Save the Date can also be a teaser for what’s ahead – but don’t worry if you haven’t the foggiest what kind of a theme you’re after, you don’t need to have this nailed down just yet!

What’s important is making sure you choose the right paper stock. Why? Because these little pre-invites hang around for a while – usually until they’re replaced with an actual invite – and you want yours to look its best until that day!

Foil Printed chromatic paper wraps by Amanda Michelle Design and Stationery

Foil Printed chromatic paper wraps by Amanda Michelle Design and Stationery

Where to start?

Start with the big day – and work backwards.

You may not have an idea about theme or colour schemes yet, but you should know what you want the general ‘feel’ of your wedding to be. i.e. are you going boho and thinking about forests, tipis and fields? How about rustic barn or marquee style venue? Perhaps you’re after an elegant finish with a champagne reception in a swanky hotel?

Save the date paper

Image credit: Pixel and Ink Studio

This stunning suite, including a swanky Save the Date, was created by Pixel and Ink Studio.

Time to play match-up

Ok, so now you know what kind of big day you want, it’s time to think about how you an encapsulate this in paper. Of course, your designs and artwork will only further enhance your theme and the tone for the day, but whether you’re there or not, you need to start with our paper.

Meet the papers

cream paper for save the datesCream

Add a warm, understated premium feel to your print with Cream paper stock. With an uncoated surface, printed inks are absorbed into the paper for a soft, muted finish.

Tintoretto gessoTintoretto Gesso

The hammered texture of fine Italian Tintoretto Gesso brings a layer of prestige to your print, with a warm off-white hue. Uncoated for a touchable finish, printed inks are absorbed into the surface.

Fresco gesso paper

Fresco Gesso

Fresco Gesso features the same uncoated, lightly hammered surface as our Tintoretto Gesso paper, but with a bright white hue.

Ice gold paper stockIce Gold

Add warm gold tones to printed designs with Ice Gold. Slightly shimmering, its coated surface gives printed inks extra depth, ideal for when you’ve got something special to say.

Kraft paperKraft

Get a stripped back, handmade feel with the textured, earthy tones of Kraft paper. With an uncoated surface, it absorbs ink for a soft, laid back feel. Ideal for bold, dark coloured designs and retro themes.

Ultra thick kraft paper with a coloured coreKraft Lux

Upgrade your Business Cards with the signature coloured core of Kraft Lux sandwiched between two layers of earthy Kraft paper. Ultra-thick, weighing in at 810gsm, this is one Business Card paper stock that can’t be missed.

Lux ultra-thick paper stocksLux

Triple layered, with a choice of 12 striking signature coloured core colours, Lux takes your networking to the next level. Featuring an uncoated, textured surface, printed inks are absorbed into the paper for a modern, muted finish.

Laid textured paper at printed.comLaid

Bright white with fine lines impressed on each side, Laid paper brings an extra element to print. With a subtle, tactile texture and an uncoated finish, it’s ideal for adding a hint of touchable texture to your designs.

aquerello save the date paper


With a rich cream colour and fine lines impressed on both side, Acquerello evokes an old world warmth that’s ideal for retro and elegant weddings.

nettuno paper stock for Save the date CardsNettuno

Add a touch of elegance with Nettuno. Featuring refined, fine lines, its beauty lies in understated simplicity that brings print to life with a retro feel.

Rives ShetlandRives Shetland

Featuring a weave like texture across its bright white surface, the stylish uncoated finish of Rives Shetland adds a touchable finish to contemporary print.

Magnetic Paper stockMagnetic

If you really want your Save the Date to stick around, Magnetic is ideal for the job. Made of flexible material it features a magnetic backing on one side and a low surface shine and readable finish on the other.

sirio pearl oysterSirio Pearl Oyster

Summoning the natural lustre and warm tones of freshwater pearls, this beautiful shimmering paper turns up the wow factor with a little extra glamour and eye catching sparkle.

pearl polarSirio Pearl Polar

Shimmering with cool, icy tones, this soft pearlescent paper brings an extra dimension to printed designs with a subtle, yet standout shine.

Silk paperSilk

A great all-rounder, Silk paper lets your print do the talking. With a low surface sheen and excellent ink to paper contrast, Silk offers easy readability and defined printed colours.

Unocated paperUncoated

With a soft, uncoated surface, colours are absorbed into Uncoated paper, giving a flatter, modern finish to printed artwork and designs. It’s ideal for print that needs to be written on.

new vellum! print on vellumVellum

Vellum paper adds an ethereal dimension to printed artwork, offering a translucent finish, with an effortless, airy simplicity. Ideal when paired with additional paper layers.

Feeling inspired to pick your paper? Why not head on over to to meet them, or get a feel for them in person with a free sample pack?

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