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Creative Wedding Table Names: ideas for your big day

Your Wedding Table Names are the ideal way to bring a little bit of personality to your big day. Whether you use yours to enhance your theme, or create yours based on memories or some of your favourite things, there’s no right or wrong way to name your tables.


Popular options include places you’ve visited as a couple, romantic locations that are uniquely ‘yours’, and your favourite films, to name but a few!


But, if you fancy doing it a little differently, why not take a look at some of our creative ideas for what your Table Names could become? From weird to wonderful, to downright out there, take a look at our suggestions and let your imagination run wild.



Your favourite food or sweets


Ok so some options work better here than others – “pan fried duck breast” table doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it as perhaps, “sherbet lemon”, but this is your big day so be as creative as you like.


If you chose similar foods (think Sushi,) you could theme your table plan to match. Imagine presenting your table plan as a delicious bento box, with each table labelled, or even a sweet shop theme with each jar representing a table?


Table name ideas Dessert Chocolate Candies Sweet Cake Pops Food


Meaningful lyrics


We know, it was probably difficult enough to decide on your first dance song, right? But, if you had a few contenders, why not use some of the lyrics as inspiration for your tables?


You could bring your theme through with beautiful music notes and theme your centrepieces around your songs? Your top table could even feature lyrics from your first dance to really tie it all together.


Your favourite movies


Every couple has their favourite movies, or even some with sentimental value – perhaps you have a list of movies that you always watch, or maybe some from your first ever dates? These make great inspiration for table names, just check out what our resident email guru Lucian did with his movie themed names and table plan – awesome, right?!




Your favourite pubs


Every couple has a favourite pub (or ten) so why not use yours as inspiration for your table names? Pub names are usually quite unique too so they make for interesting table names! Why not create a map-themed table plan to direct your guests to their seats? They’ll love the uniqueness and personal touch, and they may have even visited the pubs before. Plus, if you’re grouping people together who might not know each other, it’s a great conversation starter!



Your favourite musicians


Why not add a touch of fame to your big day? Name your tables after your favourite musicians, or bands you’ve watched live for an extra injection of personality. Plus, if you use more obscure musicians or bands, you could create a playlist for the evening so guests know who your favourites are and can share the music with you.





What’s more romantic than stargazing? Planet names and constellations make for great Table Names, plus they transcend well into any theme. A night sky constellations map as your seating plan also makes for a beautiful and intricate seating plan.


Chess pieces/board game counters


Ok, so this one’s a little more out there, but if you love board games. Why not name your tables after them? Chess pieces make popular names, or use more obscure games, perhaps Monopoly pieces or even lettered scrabble tiles?


Street names/places you’ve lived


If you’ve got a few living locations under your belt, naming your tables after your street names, or house names makes for an interesting idea.





Whether you’ve got a special drink that only you two share, or some that have sentimental memories or you simply love a cocktail, naming your tables after beverages is a fun and unique way to bring your personality our as a couple. To really cement your theme, you could even place jugs of themed drinks on each table for your guests to try!


Places you’ve run a marathon/completed a sporting event


Into your health and fitness? Perhaps you and your partner regularly take part in challenges, marathons, half marathons or events? Why not name your tables after all the places you’ve completed one? Not only is it fun and a little bit different, it’s a good way to show off about your achievements too.



Precious jewels

If you want something a little simpler, and easier to theme your tables around, precious stones and jewels are always a popular choice. Your top table could be ‘diamond’ for example and the possibilities are endless for the others!



Got your own ideas for unique and creative Table Names? Let us know in the comments below! Or, head to social media and tag us in your Table Name pictures using the hashtag #ProudlyPrinted – we’d love to see!




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