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10 easy, affordable DIY wedding favour ideas

Whether you want to save a bit of cash or add something really personal to your wedding, try out these simple DIY wedding favour ideas.

Create affordable printed DIY wedding invites with these ideas

Planning a wedding? Don’t forget about those favours! They serve as reminders of the day, and are a thoughtful touch that help each and every guest feel remembered and cherished. But don’t make the mistake of overpaying for yours – take a look at some of our ideas for printing your own DIY favours and keeping your costs low!

1. Sweet tooth

DIY Wedding Fvaours

Wedding favour sweet bags are popular choice any time of year. Whether it’s the traditional sugared almonds or something a little niche, you can fill yours with whatever takes your fancy. But, the most important element is all in the Gift Tag.

Buying your sweet fillings and bags in bulk will keep your costs low, and you can add the final flourish with foiled, square or traditionally cut wedding favour tags! You can even round out the corners for a softer finsih.

2. Get stuck in!

DIY Wedding Favour

You’d be surprised the wonder that a simple Sticker can bring to your homemade wedding favours. From adding a fun embelishment to Envelopes, to sheets of foiled designs left on the tables for guests to stick with abandon, there’s a plethora of ways to get creative! We offer Stickers in a variety of sizes, including round, rectangle and heart shaped so you can really spread the love!

3. Light it up

Wedding favours at

Image: Pinterest

Sparklers are a great, affordable idea for your evening guests, and the photos look awesome too! Make yours even more personal by printing your own tags and labels. Go for a flat card (like a lightweight Business Card), or use a Sticker or Label.

4. Hot under the collar

Love spice? Why not create your own special blend of spicy sauce as wedding favours and package them up with a Label or Sticker? It’s a little kooky, a bit different, but most definitely unforgettable.

SPicy wedding favours

Image: Pinterest

5. Science of love

Test tubes and weddings might not be an immediately obvious pairing, but if you’re the kind of couple that does things a little differently, they could make the ideal favour! Just like with sweet bags, all you need to do is source your tubes and fillings and print some Stickers – easy!

DIY test tube wedding favours

Image: Pinterest

6. What are the chances?

Lottery ticket DIY wedding favours

Image: Lucian Wickham-Hurd

With millions of people in the world, it’s pretty lucky that you found one and other, right?

Why not spread some of that luck with lottery tickets as your wedding favours? You could house them in gatefold Invitations and seal then with a Sticker to max that anticipation – that’s just what our very own email guru Lucian did with his. We think you’ll agree, they look great!

7. Light of your life

DIY Wedding

Image: Pinterest

Candles make super cute, affordable favours. Buy them in bulk (hello, IKEA) and then print Labels or Stickers to fit – easy! If yours don’t come with screw on lids like these, just stick your label to the side of the jar or holder. You could even buy tea light holders and tea lights instead of jarred candles if you prefer.

8. Baked to perfection

DIY wedding favours cupcakes

Image: Pinterest

From cupcakes to doughnuts, baked wedding favours are fun and can be budget friendly if you do a little legwork! To keep costs low, we recommend buying or making your baked favours yourself and then adding an embellishment like a paper flag or Gift Tag.

9. Photo fun

DIY wedding

For up close and personal touch, why not try some photography favours? We’re not in any doubt that you’ve albums worth of pictures to share of you and your lucky significant other and there are plenty of ways to get creative with them. From adding your faces to Thank You Cards and labels to creating collages of you and your closet freidns and family to give as extra-special gifts- it’s time to scour your Instagram for the perfect shots!

10. Festive feels

Wedding favours DIY festive baubles

Image: Pinterest

If your wedding day falls in November or December, give your favours a festive makeover! Bag yourself some baubles and add tags of your own design – it couldn’t be easier. Our very own Steve had a festive theme for his own big day, and we love the way it turned out!

Inspired to make your own wedding favours? Head to now to explore everything on offer!


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