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Vellum paper: discover the best kept secret of wedding stationery

Vellum paper? We can’t get enough of it. This understated, translucent stock is crying out to be included in your next Wedding Stationery suite. Lucky for us, our customer Rebecca Woollard of Quilty Pigs 100% agrees, with our Vellum paper stock sitting at the very heart of her work.

Rebecca kindly chatted to us about all things Vellum, and shared some of her top stationery trends ahead of peak wedding season. Keep scrolling to get inspired!

vellum paper

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

Hi Rebecca! Firstly please tell us a bit about your stationery business, Quilty Pigs.

I’ve been running Quilty Pigs for a while designing and selling Greeting Cards and stationery, but it wasn’t until early last year that I started branching out into Wedding Stationery. It was something I’d been wanting to do for a while, so when some good friends asked if I would design their stationery for them I jumped at the chance.

I absolutely loved designing it and set aside a block of time afterwards to focus on creating a range of wedding stationery collections to launch. I’ve worked with so many wonderful couples over the last year and produced all kinds of stationery from Save the Dates, Invitation suites, Table Plans, Place Cards, Menus, Orders of Service and more.

Vellum paper features heavily in your wedding stationery, can you tell us a bit more about it?

I really love using Vellum within my designs as it brings in a different texture and colour while still allowing the overall design to have a clean modern look. I often use Vellum to layer with other card stocks and colours as it adds a softness to the design and brings in a really nice tactile quality.

vellum paper

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

What products do you use Vellum paper for in your design work? 

I use Vellum paper for a number of my collections and in a variety of ways. For some of my monochrome collections I have Vellum invitation jackets and Belly Bands which give a lovely finish. These can also be added to any of my other styles as all my house collections are semi-customisable.

I also use Vellum as a layering tool in some of my other designs with printed illustrations, and as standalone pieces on Menus and Save the Dates. With Vellum having such a great semi-transparent quality it means using it in this way can either show text on card layers underneath or reveal striking napkin or Envelope colours beneath.

vellum paper

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

What do your clients have to say about Vellum paper?

My couples really love the fact that using Vellum gives their stationery a point of difference and makes it feel more unique for their guests.

What are your top tips for designing and printing with Vellum?

My top tip for using Vellum is to keep it simple. I feel it works really well when the design is kept relatively clean and minimalist so that you’re able to see through easily to any layers and details underneath. It really lets the beauty of the paper stock speak for itself.

vellum paper

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

What are some of your best selling designs for brides and grooms?

My monochrome series in general has been extremely popular with my customers, as has my ‘Simple Neutrals’ collection. My most popular Save the Dates are the ‘Mono Chic’ and ‘Simple Neutrals’ styles and the most popular Invitation suite is the ‘Monochrome Glam’ style.

What are some of the top wedding stationery trends you’re keeping an eye on this season?

I don’t see the monochrome trend going anywhere soon, so I will still be very much working with this. However, I also really love the trend for warm neutrals so am planning to develop some new designs focused on this colour palette soon.

Another trend that I see coming through a lot is unique ways of layering stationery elements with the use of bespoke and unusual sizes, shapes and overlapping. I can’t wait to get working on some new designs!

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

In your opinion, what are the top 3 pieces of wedding stationery for the big day?

This is a really tough one as there are so many lovely stationery items that can be included within a couple’s wedding. However, if a couple were on a budget and trying to focus on key items I would suggest going with Invitations, a Table Plan, Table Numbers and Place Cards.

Invitations are the first glimpse into the style and vibe of your wedding for your guests, as well as being incredibly useful for getting across all the important information, and they really start to get guests excited for the big day. The Table Plan, Table Numbers and Place Cards help to add decor to the wedding breakfast to reflect your styling but are also really helpful for the logistics and smooth running of your day.

I do have to say though, that Menus are one of my personal favourites. Although I wouldn’t class them as a necessity, they do make place settings really stand out and who doesn’t love to read what food is about to be served and get excited for it!?

Finally, how can people get in touch with you?

Image credit: Quilty Pigs

Wondering where Vellum has been your whole life? We thought you might be. If you’re ready to get started we’ve got a super handy blog on ‘how to print with Vellum paper’ right here.

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