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Choosing the right paper stock for your next project

Starting a new print project? Let’s get you set up with the right paper stock.

So you’ve finished your design and are ready to send it to print, but there’s just one more crucial step… choosing the right paper! Selecting the right type of paper can bring an extra layer of depth to your design, as well as add the perfect finishing touch to your project.

So what do you want? Something thick and luxurious? Touchably interesting? Or maybe something that will make your colours pop? Whatever you need, we’ve got a paper to suit. While we have our classic all-rounders like Silk and Uncoated (which can be used for almost any project) read on to discover some of our more specialised paper stocks to really bring your print to life.

Paper stocks for creative masterpieces

For your next masterpiece, you’ll want a paper that’s going to make those colours pop and stay vibrant. So whether you’re creating a range of Greeting Cards, Postcards or Art Prints – we’ve got you covered.

  • Trucard: Let’s start with a classic: Trucard. One of our most popular choices, it was specially formulated for Greeting Cards and Postcards. It’s glossy and scratchproof on the outside to keep your design vivid, and uncoated on the inside so it’s easy to write on. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • Nettuno: Looking for texture? The fine lines of Nettuno might be for you. Illustrative, watercolour and calligraphic designs love a textured paper stock. It removes the ‘mass-produced’ feel of shop-bought stationery can convey and evokes feelings of handmade craft.
  • Hahnemühle: Whether you’re reproducing illustrations, designs or photography, give your artwork the quality it deserves with one of our speciality papers for Giclèe Art prints. All our Hahnemühle stocks have been specially designed to give bright definition to images and strong protection against ageing and yellowing. However, make sure to choose wisely as each has its own specialities. For example, Photo Rag Pearl is the ideal choice for Black and White prints, whereas Baryta FB gives a real depth to printed colours. Checkout the full range here.

Paper stocks for wedding suites

Weddings may be on pause for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be print ready for when the big day is back on! Paper choice is part of the whole experience from the first Invitation to the final Thank you Card. So whether you want to give off a vintage, luxury or understated vibe, there’s a paper to help you achieve that.

  • Kraft: If the event has a vintage theme or you’re looking for an earthier paper, look no further than Kraft. It has a natural, textured appearance and suits bold coloured designs and retro themes. Perfect for everything from Invitations to Wedding Menus, plus it’s eco-friendly.
  • Shimmering Papers: Want to add a subtle sheen to your suite? For a warm subtle shine, Pearl Oyster is a great choice. And for a frostier hue, Ice Gold is here to add some cool, golden tones. Or if you really want to amp up a wintery theme, the snowy gleam of Pearl Polar is a great choice. It won’t outshine your artwork either!
  • Magnetic: Want to keep the Big Day front of mind until it happens? Choose a magnetic paper stock so your Invitation can stick onto a fridge as a reminder to your guests. This has a finish similar to our silk paper, with a low surface shine and a readable finish to keep all your details clear.
  • Vellum: As thin and translucent as tracing paper but much more chic and sturdy, Vellum adds an ethereal dimension to printed artwork. While it can look fabulous on its own, it’s usually wrapped around other paper to enhance the design. So make sure to create two separate orders if you’re interested in a Vellum overlay.

Top tip: You can only print on one side of both Magentic and Vellum paper. So make sure to remember that when choosing your stock.

Save the pennies on bulk paper stocks

Leaflet Paper Stock

Planning a Direct Mail campaign or need a range of Documents and Brochures without going over budget? There are plenty of paper stocks that will make your designs stand out without breaking the bank. The following papers are great all-rounders, with weights ranging all the way from razor-thin to thick and sturdy. No matter your project, these are the choices if you want to save.

  • Silk: One of our most popular papers is also our most affordable. With a low surface sheen, it’s a great paper choice for readability. Ideal if you’re sending Leaflets or thank you notes in bulk. It’s available recycled and can be Foiled too.
  • Gloss: If you need affordable shine, Gloss is your choice. With a high surface sheen and a smooth finish, colours appear more vibrant so your images will really pop. There’s a reason it’s the favourite choice for magazines.
  • Uncoated: Great for writing on and with a softer finish, printed inks on Uncoated paper appear flatter and more subdued. It’s the popular choice for bulk orders of Postcards and stationery but can be used for just about anything.

Luxury paper stocks with extra wow

special finishes White ink

Sometimes a project demands the best. Whether it’s to dazzle your clients or add oomph to your design, a luxury paper makes your print extra special.

  • Lux: The ideal choice for Business Cards, this triple-layered paper stock exudes a weighty luxury from the very first touch. With a signature coloured core that can be surrounded by both Kraft and an uncoated surface, your design will have an understated, classic appearance. 
  • White Ink Papers: If you’re interested in White Ink for Business Cards, Postcards or Leaflets, our specially selected papers are here to be your perfect backing. Each are thick enough to handle several coats of our specialised ink to make your art as vivid as possible and bold enough to contrast the bright whiteness of each design. Available in five shades, as well as Kraft, creating an elegant design has never been easier. If you need help getting set up for White Ink printing, check out our simple video tutorial here.
  • Acquerello: If you’re working on any kind of retro design, the cream hue of Acquerello will complement it perfectly. This paper stock brings a luxurious, old-world look to designs, the fine lines giving the impression of an antique painting.
  • Laid: For anything that needs a dash of sophistication, Laid is your go-to paper stock. This deluxe, tactile paper has a fine-lined texture on both sides. Bright white and specially treated for impeccable results, it works for everything from Announcement Cards to Place Cards, to Certificates that need a little more luxury.

Paper stocks to elevate your brand

save on business print

When creating Business Stationery, you want prints that exudes professionalism. For a full business suite that will not only impress but also stand up to everyday wear and tear check out our suggestions below.

  • Rives Dot: Prints such as Business Cards are designed to be handed from person to person, so texture is especially important here. For a paper that gives an additional surprise, try Rives Dot. Delicately pressed with minuscule dots, it gives the surface an almost geometric appearance and is one of our most interesting feeling papers. You’ll make a real impression the minute you hand your Business Card over!
  • Tearproof: If you want Business Stationery that can take a punch, you’re going to need Tearproof in your corner. With a similar appearance to our Silk paper but much sturdier, you don’t have to worry about it getting torn in transit or in someone’s pocket. You can even laminate this paper to make it 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible.
  • Bright White Laid: As it says on the tin, Bright White Laid is a more subtle version of our traditional Laid paper. With a classic uncoated surface and soft fine lines, this light, thin paper stock is great for writing on. Perfect for Compliment Slips and Letterheads.
  • Rives Shetland: Much like its cousin Rives Dot, Rives Shetland is a cool white paper with a delightfully unusual feel. If you’re adding Notebooks to your Business Suite, the weave-like texture is an excellent choice to make your cover much more interesting. Paired with the soft uncoated pages inside, it will give a sturdier and more luxurious feel to your print.

Top Tip: Did you know that a range of our papers have recycled versions as well? If you’re looking to be greener, check out our full range including Recycled Silk and Recycled Uncoated. They’re just as reliable and sturdy as their non-recycled counterparts but have the added bonus of being made of 100% reused fibres. Find out all about our eco-friendly papers here.

Buy textured Rives Shetland Paper stock

And that’s just the beginning! If you want to get a feel for ALL our papers, make sure to order a sample pack or get in contact with our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to give you all the details on papers you might like to try.

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