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Get to grips with Belly Bands

Here’s your definitive guide to Belly Bands!

When it comes to print, everything from Invites to Wedding Stationery and even Notebooks and Calendars can benefit from the extra finishing touch.

An easy way to add a little extra is with Belly Bands. But what is a Belly Band? Characterised as simply a long piece of paper, a Belly Band wraps around your print, personalised with your choice of paper and design. They’re often used to secure multiple pieces of paper, or as a design or retail flourish – you can add branding, product info or a complimentary design.

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How to choose the right Belly Band?

In order to be confident your band will fit, you need to first know how wide your Invitation Set or product such as a Notebook is.

Remember – your Belly Band will always need to slightly overlap at some point so that you can fasten or secure it around your product. 

We recommend that you have at least 25mm of overlap to ensure you can secure your Belly Band optimally. To work out the width you need for your band, take the width dimensions of your product, multiply it by two (for the front and the back) and add 25 (mm).

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Belly Band Tips:

  • If you’re wrapping your band around a set of 2 or 3 printed materials such as Invitation and RSVP set, you will need to account for this. Your paper (for your Invites etc) should generally be quite thin, so you shouldn’t have to add more than 3-5mm here, unless you are printing on any of our super thick paper stocks like Lux and Kraft Lux.
  • If you’re using a band for another purpose, such as a collar or sleeve around a thick Notebook or a stack of Business Cards or Postcards, you will need to know not only how wide, but also how deep this will be, in order to add the correct amount of mm to your bands.

Securing and folding:

  • Our Belly Bands are supplied flat. We don’t pre-crease them, as we don’t know what you’ll be intending to use yours for, so we leave that bit up to you!
  • Our Belly bands are all printed on our lightweight paper stocks, so you should have no problem folding them where you need to – and remember, if you need to be super precise and neat with this, you can always score them slightly with a pair of scissors to achieve the best result.
  • We don’t supply anything to secure them. For an invisible option, a glue dot works well, or you could make more of a statement and add your choice of Sticker (from round to rectangle) to complete the look. You may also want to use a split pin or other type of fastening, like eyelets and twine. You’ll need to source these yourself, however.

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Whats size Belly Band do you need?

If you’re not sure what size you need, take a look at our handy guide to sizes below. Use our above method to calculate the best fit before you order and don’t forget to leave a 25mm overlap for securing.

Belly Band size55mm x 200mm55mm x 280mm55mm x 350mm
Will fitRolled NapkinsA7 landscape Invites148mm square Invites
Will fitA7 portrait InvitesA6 portrait Invites 
Will fit 105mm square Invites 
Will fit DL portrait Invites 
Will fit 5”  7”  portrait Invites 

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If you can’t see the right size to fit, you’ve always got the option to create a Bespoke size. You can also add a custom finish or choose a paper that isn’t listed in our standard options.

To get a Bespoke quote, just fill out our quick form below. A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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One comment on “Get to grips with Belly Bands

  1. Su Mwamba on

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve noticed that my customers often buy several small items together and was trying to think of a way to bundle them without elaborate gift wrap (not my brand) or extra cellophane packets. I’m also working on some gift sets, so these will be perfect for that, too. Will definitely be looking into a belly band design for the near future…



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