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Eco-Friendly Stickers: Printing Options For You

Whether you’re an entrepreneur branding your products, a creative soul crafting with a conscience, or simply an eco-warrior looking to spread your message, eco-friendly Stickers are something we are proud to offer.

These tactile little pieces of joy are such an easy way to keep your brand front of mind, no matter your business. From merchandising your products, to embellishing your wedding stationery – we’ve got all the shapes, sizes and special finishes you could dream of.

In this guide, we peel back the layers on eco-friendly Sticker options available to you, helping you make choices that minimise your impact without compromising on quality.

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Sustainable Sticker Stocks

Ready to go greener with your Stickers? Let’s dive into our sustainable stocks…

Biodegradable Uncoated Stickers

A matt white, wood-free paper composed of 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. These clever Stickers are designed to break down over time, reducing their impact on the environment.

  • 170gsm
  • Available on Die Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets
  • Compostable face film and adhesive 

Recycled Uncoated Stickers

eco round stickers

A favourite among many, our Recycled Uncoated Stickers have a smooth surface finish, with a subtle flecked appearance. Utilising 100% post-consumer waste (products that have reached the end of their product lifecycle), this recycled option is a great staple to explore!

  • 170gsm
  • Available on Kiss-Cut Round, Rectangle, Square and A-Size Stickers
  • FSC Certified and chlorine-free

White Eco Vinyl

eco die cut stickers

A white gloss that looks and feels like plastic but is made from sustainable materials. With a compostable film face and made from renewable resources (wood-pulp), it’s hard to tell the difference between this and our standard White Vinyl.

  • 170gsm
  • Available on Die Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets
  • Made up of a compostable film and FSC Certified

Kraft Stickers

kraft eco-friendly stickers

The perfect choice for a standout look our Kraft material is another stock in our eco-friendly line-up. It has a slightly coarse uncoated texture, and a flecked brown surface.

  • 185gsm
  • Available on Recycled Stickers
  • Recycled and chlorine free

How To Make Stickers Using Our Templates

Whether you’re a whizz at design, or a total beginner we’ve got a number of Sticker templates to help. Simply select your Sticker product, scroll down for templates, chose your file type and press download.

Some important questions to ask yourself before exporting your design:

  • Have I added bleed? The bleed area should extend 3mm from the edge of your finished image. Your design should then be extended into this area to avoid any white lines after printing. If you need help setting it up, check out our simple video tutorial here.
  • Is my text too close to the edge? Make sure to keep any text at least 3mm away from the edge of your design.
  • Have I saved out my artwork as CMYK? To ensure your colour choice perfectly matches your vision, you’ll need to save your images as CMYK, (RGB is the best colour mode for digital work).
  • Have I double checked my exported design? All Sticker artwork should be exported as a PDF, JPEG or PNG file for upload.

If you need a hand with your artwork, just give us a call on 0800 840 1430, chat with us live on-site or drop an email to

We’re here to help you make a difference. If you’re confused by all the eco-jargon, why not check out our top sustainable printing myth busters blog or discover more about FSC certified papers right here

Now you’re all set to get started on creating Stickers that not only look good, but do good for the planet. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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