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Looking for some unique Greeting Card inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve been on our blog for more than ten minutes then you’ll know just how much we love to shout about our awesome creatives customers, so when we saw these unique origami Greeting Cards from little Betty print, we just had to know more.

We chatted to Sally, the brains behind these unique, botanical designs, so if you love origami and florals, this interview is definitely for you.

Hi Sally! Firstly, tell us all about little Betty print

unique greeting card ideas

Image Credit: little Betty print

Like many other people, I’ve found the last 12 months to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride. I’d only just gone full-time freelance in January 2020 and this went somewhat quiet during the first lockdown. But the space it created became the ideal opportunity to start drawing for myself again and I grabbed the chance to produce some botanical-inspired Art Prints. I opened an Etsy shop last July and have been enjoying slowly adding more work as little Betty print since then, as well as continuing to work freelance. 

We love your foliage fixation. Where do you get your design inspiration?

From everywhere really! I love to draw our growing collection of houseplants and often take inspiration from long walks looking for interesting leaf shapes and colour palettes for my unique Greeting Cards. Other artists, designer-makers and illustrators I follow are massively inspirational, not just the work they create but their outlook and ways of thinking too. Working as a graphic designer has also been a strong influence and I’m drawn to simple shapes, flat colours and patterns.

Your unique Greeting Cards are cleverly designed to fold into origami keepsakes. What inspired you to go down this design route?

Unique Greeting Cards Christmas

Image Credit: little Betty print

My first origami Greeting Card was designed for Christmas last year. I wanted to produce something a little different and was thinking about all the lovely unique Greeting Cards we get sent that end up in the recycling bin. The idea of repurposing the card led me to start playing with origami concepts which I found to be a really mindful process. And so the little Betty bauble came from both a desire to reduce waste and to provide people with a good excuse for a bit of relaxing folding therapy!

Do you have a favourite design in the range? Why is it your favourite?

Image Credit: little Betty print

It’s probably my latest Tulip design. I love this time of year when all the Spring flowers start popping up. Fresh cut tulips don’t last very long in the house but paper ones will keep for as long as you like and add a lovely splash of colour. I’m selling them in different size ‘bouquets’ and created eight different coloured tulip inserts so they can be chosen to suit the person you’re sending them to. Perfect for Easter and birthday celebrations.

We recently shared our Unique Greeting Card trends for 2021. Which of these speaks to you most?

I’m all for using eco-friendly materials whenever possible so it’s good to see this on the list! I like to specify Recycled Paper when it’s available so a larger range of green paper choices and your commitment to sustainability really sit well with my own eco-conscious efforts.

You’re taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker! How important do you think social media is to help promote your business?

unique greeting card designs

Image Credit: little Betty print

Yes! It’s the first time I’ve actually taken part in Joanne’s challenge and it’s been a great way of meeting like-minded creatives and building a community. Instagram is my app of choice but I find social media, on the whole, a bit of a double-edged sword. Even though it feels like I’m getting my work ‘out there,’ it really depends on whether the platform is showing your posts to people- they are just trying to make money after all.

But on the plus side, I really enjoy creating a visual storyboard and curating my feed. It does bring out the perfectionist in me though – I’m guilty of deleting posts before now because they didn’t look quite right!

Selling online has been essential for small creative businesses over the last year, but how important is e-commerce to your own business?

It’s been the key element in my attempt at earning any money from little Betty print! Being able to promote products like my unique Greeting Cards online is really exciting. I’m hoping that once shops re-open, I might be able to sell more wholesale. I’m really not a natural salesperson and I do struggle with feelings of being overly pushy.

How do you approach the packaging for your orders and what are the most important elements of this? 

origami card ideas

Image Credit: little Betty print

I love packaging up my orders! Usually, I try to imagine how a customer might feel when their package arrives and they open it. I hope it would be like receiving a present. I always include a handwritten Thank You note and use recycled/recyclable packaging. For branding, I include a Business Card with ways to keep in touch and always use lots of Stickers.

How did you first come across 

I’ve used for many years, both for personal work and for my design clients. I have a few different Greeting Card sizes and styles which have all been printed by you- Business Cards and Stickers too. I’m really hoping to get some Wrapping Paper designs in the not too distant future. 

What is your top tip for other creatives looking to start up their own small business this year?

botanical designs

Image Credit: little Betty print

I’d say to have a clear brand strategy right from the beginning is important. Your logo, colour palette, tone of voice and photography should all speak in the same ‘accent’ and be saying the same things! Write down a few core values that are important to you and keep reminding yourself of them from time to time. And, of course, just always be yourself. 

And finally- where can people find you?

My Etsy shop is and I’m on Instagram Facebook too. Come and say hello!

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