Top Drawer London 2020 – seasonal trends revealed

300+ design-led brands. A month-long exhibition. More inspiration than you can shake a stick at. Top Drawer is back!

Things are a little different at Britain’s leading trade shows this year. With physical exhibitions still unavailable for many, Top Drawer has moved their entire show online. While it’s been a little different than our usual visits to London Olympia (with us normally totalling a step count in the tens of thousands), we’ve had a great time exploring this new virtual hub as well as creating our own interactive showroom!

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For now, we’re here to give you the scoop on the latest seasonal Top Drawer trends and how you can use them to bring your print to the next level.

What is Top Drawer On Demand?

Top Drawer On Demand

Top Drawer A/W 2020

So how does Top Drawer On Demand differ from previous exhibitions?

Firstly, this is now a month-long event! Every week there are new talks to attend and exhibits to discover, so creating an itinerary is crucial. While the weekend-long events of previous years were awe-inspiring, exploring every nook and cranny of such a huge space was quite the workout! Now there’s a handy A-Z of brands. Simply click on a brand to explore their virtual showrooms, learn about product launches and even chat with them!

We hope you like talks because there are a LOT of them to enjoy! Every Monday, there are a series of presentations covering everything from colour psychology to mastering social media, with experts from all over the country giving their best virtual tips for you to enjoy.

And, of course, you won’t want to miss the top trends and collections.

Key trends at Top Drawer

Top Drawer is well known for highlighting the top retail trends of the season and this year is no exception. Their usual Trend Cafe has been replaced with a new virtual area, where you can get up close and personal with all the trend-setting businesses of the past few months.

Ready to get inspired for your next creative project? Read on!

Trend one: Staycation

With many of us having to stay home over the past few months, it’s unsurprising that many designs have come to embody that sentiment.

Top Drawer Trend: Staycation

Top Drawer A/W 2020

What is it?

With international holidays still on hold for many, this trend celebrates all the unique ways to have fun a little closer to home. Think everything warm, cosy and comforting- from The British Library creating puzzles to entertain and inform during its closure, to SOP pulling together their best cosmetic products for at-home spa treatments. Multiple brands have hopped onto this trend and created designs and products that are perfect for a little holiday at home.

How can I use it?

This one is as simple to use as it is broad. Think about ways your products can make staying at home that little bit more fun. We’ve already seen a ton of our creatives weave a stay-at-home message into their Postcards, Art Prints and more. This idea can be applied to all sorts of other products!

The main colours of this trend are muted and warm: soft reds, browns and blues to invoke a sense of cosiness and calm. In the words of our favourite Kansas girl, “there’s no place like home,” so why not see how you can infuse that sentiment in your own creations?

Trend two: Euphoria

If colour is what you want, the vibrant hues of Euphoria are perfect for you.

Top Drawer Trends: Euphoria

Top Drawer A/W 2020

What is it?

Inspired by the rainbow colours of a disco ball, the ‘Euphoria Aesthetic’ has been one of Pinterest’s most frequently searched for terms since the show with the same name began airing last year.

How can I use it?

This trend is a stunning mixture of both vintage and futuristic aesthetics, using bold shades and reflective textures like Foil and sequins. The main colours of this palette are purple, yellow, blue and mint green which can give a really interesting vibe to everything from Wedding Invitations to Greetings Cards.

Trend three: At one with nature

As busy urban living becomes the norm for many, it’s never been nicer to emulate calming green spaces.

Top Drawer trend: At one with nature

Top Drawer A/W 2020

What is it?

We’ve seen our fair share of floral trends at Top Drawer and this year brings another wave of green inspiration. Despite most of us spending a lot of time indoors lately, multiple brands have taken note of the great outdoors and patterned their products with all kinds of plant life. From the leaf-covered chopping board of Country Creation to the jungle-themed washcloths of Pretty Bee Fresh, numerous small businesses are showing how adding a touch of nature can help freshen up a design.

How can I use it?

If you’re looking to infuse nature into your designs, then this is the trend for you. Start by considering leaf patterns that could complement your print. Bold shapes such as oak leaves and vines are a striking choice for minimalist designs. Greens and florals have always been a popular choice for Wrapping Paper and this trend has even crept its way into Wedding Stationery too.

Check out how other brands at Top Drawer are using these trends here.

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