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Stickers: the ultimate branding tool

Remember the excitement of collecting stickers for an album? The lottery of whether or not you’d get one you already had? Remember the shinies? Getting a free sticker with a pair of trainers, a record or a magazine still feels like the ultimate score. If it’s cool enough, it will go on the fridge, the back of the phone or, as I’ve witnessed lately, the bicycle helmet. One hip Mexican restaurant has created such a cult following that customers want its name stuck to their foreheads. Yes, I went to the restaurant off the back of that sticker and yes, the branding was hot. Pink, marigold and green colourways depicted Mexican skulls and blooms across the walls and ceiling. The motifs continue across the menus, the awning outside and even run down the tattooed arms of the barman. If branding is important to your business, sticker printing generates mementoes that your loyal followers can take away and display somewhere random.

We saw in an earlier post how stickers can be used for amazing guerrilla campaigns, teasing and building interest, and getting your name out there – it’s like free PR for businesses with a small budget. But what about using round stickers to customise and add interest to your product? Have your logo, a quirky brand message or greeting made into a sticker and kick-start that dialogue with your customer. Round sticker printing is an affordable way to label your products, with prices starting at just 4p each. You don’t have to change your packaging to accommodate new contents, seasons, or promotions – just use a sticker to indicate that your cupcakes are vegan, your silk scarves are now Made in Britain or the new website is up and running.

Beyond the jam jar, label printing can solve a whole host of product and marketing challenges. At, we make stickers in A sizes, so you can create branded A6 sized address labels, with a logo sticker to seal the package. Either upload your own artwork, Instagram shot or choose from one of our unique designs. Now you’ve got style consistency and synchronicity across everything you send out. Simple tricks like this add value to the product and increase it’s desirability, which helps both you and your customer to get excited about it.

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Talking of getting excited, stickers are a brilliant way to get kids on board. If your company is all about children or families, start thinking about how this fun tool can help push your concept or product. We love school stickers for healthy packed lunch items, stamping fruit and whole food packaging with crazy carton faces and silly messages to make smart eating more appealing. This phenomenon has been around since toothpaste companies made reward stickers for the dentist – it’s just about figuring out new ways that your business can access its audience. One tried and tested use for the little round labels is the charity sticker. Bestowed on the person who donates to a worthy cause, this fulfills the double function of flagging up who your supporters are and spreading awareness of your campaign.

The power of stickers as branding tool goes large when it comes to self-adhesive vinyl. These made-to-measure sheets can be used to dress up everything from windows or event venues to retail spaces. Vinyl stickers are a cost-effective, easy-to-apply way of spreading your brand identity across two or three dimensions, wherever you choose to do so!  Make your business zone instantly recognizable on a trade show stand or present a beautiful branded wonderland at your pop-up shop. The possibilities are truly endless and at we’ve got all the know-how – from which easy-to-read topcoat your banner should have, to what colour stands out the best for floor graphics. Stickers as Branding Tool Guide

Are you stuck on stickers? Do you think you can use stickers as branding tool? Have you ever used them in a way that your particularly proud of, or would like to show off?

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