How to start a guerrilla sticker marketing campaign

Part of getting your message across as a business and a brand is to try and leave a lasting impression on all your prospective customers. You want to get your name and your product right in front of them in such a way that is guaranteed to make them sit up and take notice, but in a marketplace that is so saturated with advertising 24/7, being unique and individual is easier said than done. This calls for a plan of action, this calls for stickers.

A proven advertising gem, using stickers to get your brand noticed isn’t a new thing and requires a little bit of creative thinking to really make an impact. So, just what kinds of mischief can you get up to with stickers?


Teaser ads

This is going to require a lot of stickers and a very clever logo/slogan, but is by far the easiest of the guerrilla sticker marketing campaigns. The idea is that you create a sticker that teases something about your product, company or services and then bombard your local area with those stickers.  Try using a tantalising question or provocative image to leave people scratching their heads. Increased exposure to something which piques the curiosity is bound to get people Googling your business or brand just to solve the mystery of the sticker invasion!

Small, shaped stickers usually work best for this kind of campaign, buy them en masse here.


Get clever with your surroundings

This could be from anything as simple as using your own shop window, to taking over the front of a bus — it’s all about getting inspiration from the things we see every day and making it work with your product. These mysterious ‘fake’ underground tube stickers are a great example of this — they’ve kept commuters laughing and even made it onto the news! If you don’t own the property you want to use for your sticker campaign, just remember to get permission from the council/property owner before you get started.

A-size stickers are your best bet for a sticker campaign like this (depending on the size and shape of the place/thing you are using). You can find them on our site here. Not quite what you need? Try self-adhesive vinyl instead!

The examples above are just a few types of campaign to get the creative juices flowing. Remember, with this kind of advertising, the more creative you are, the better! You don’t need to buy a massive billboard in the centre of London to create buzz about your business, it’s all about creating a message that sticks!


Have you used stickers in your own creative marketing campaign?

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