#ProudlyPrinted – The Artist Edition

This week our #ProudlyPrinted series is taking an artistic turn. We’re taking a look at some carefully crafted customer creations this week, from hand drawn illustrations to watercolour prints and more!

From gorgeous handcrafted designs to cutting edge modern minimal, we get to see all kinds of creative pieces pass through our presses. Want to see your designs here too? Tag on social using the hashtag #ProudlyPrinted!


Lottie Frank

Giclee fine art prints by Lottie Frank

Image credit: Lottie Frank

How stunning are Lottie Frank’s Illustrated Ladies?! Printed on our high quality Giclee paper, each of these gorgeous pieces is hand drawn and created by Lucy Claydon – the creator behind the Lottie Frank Illustrated Ladies.

A senior designer specialising in all things graphic and pattern related by day and an Illustrator/Artist by night – an all-round creative head from South East England.

The name Lottie Frank comes from her Great Grandmother ‘Lottie’ and Late Grandfather ‘Frank’, how nice is that?!


Giclee fine art prints by Lottie Frank - buy art prints at Printed.com

Image credit: Lottie Frank

We asked Lucy to tell us a bit about her illustrated ladies collection, and here’s what she had to say…

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known ​defeat and have found their way out of the depths. ​These people have an appreciation of life that fills them with great ​strength, compassion and gentleness.​ Beautiful people do not just happen…​Lottie Frank did not just happen…​​​ created from the soul, meet the illustrated ladies who walk to the beat of their own drum. Creating beauty with their attitude, their behaviours, their actions. ​​Fearless, independent and original. ​The dreamers, the thinkers, the achievers, seeking possibility everywhere they turn.​​
​Running wild, looking pretty and above all else ​lucky enough to be different…”

We think that’s pretty inspiring!



Hardback illustrated childrens book by ALittelMoonBeam - art print

Image credit: ALittleMoonBeam

Elle is the driving force behind A LittleMoonBeam – she’s currently a freelance illustrator who grew up by the South West coast and has ventured to the city of Manchester. She specialises in customised sketches but also has her own design range including greetings cards, prints, tote bags and a new children’s book, which you can see right here. And we think you’ll agree, it’s absolutely stunning!


Greeting Cards printed at Printed.com featuring art print

Image credit: ALittleMoonBeam

We asked Elle to tell us a bit a bit why she does what she does…

“My main aim is to try and make a difference with my designs; ‘A Little Moonbeam’ represents the little ray of light I wish to create for people during their day. I use daily life as my main inspiration as I think it’s significant to be relatable – it makes people laugh and also feel comforted. My style overall is quite minimal and sketchy but I love my pops of colour! I really try my best to be as eco-friendly as possible, always considering the paper types and packaging that I use. I also work with several charity groups that support mental health, with £1 of each print being donated and the odd event to raise money!”


Little Paper Garden

Little Paper Garden art print wedding invites watercolour

Image credit: Little Paper Garden

These intricate designs are courtesy of Anna, of Little Paper Garden. Her delicate watercolour and gouache designs are hand painted then digitally laid out on Photoshop to create her final invitations.

Here’s what she had to say about her beautiful designs!

“All of my designs are inspired by the customers themselves, they tell me about their celebration and what it is they would like me to capture, and I then use their answers to inspire me to create a unique design for them. It’s hard squeezing every thing in as I also have a full time job in he day and I’m a mum of two little boys but my hobby turned into a passion and I make it work! I love nothing better than receiving my prints back from Printed.com and seeing them all crisp, printed always on high quality paper!”


Little Paper Garden art print wedding invites watercolour

Image credit: Little Paper Garden


Drawn and Drafted

Dog art print greeting cards by drawn and drafted, printed at printed.com

Image credit: Drawn and Drafted

We love, love, love animal designs – and how cool are these from Drawn and Drafted?!

We asked Frances to tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind these adorable designs…

“As you can probably tell I am a bit of an animal lover – especially dogs! I offer pet portraits and commissions which have quite a realistic style and my aim is to have not only a physical likeness but to also capture the character of their pet. I like to change things up a bit with my greetings cards and make them a little more playful and really try to being out the expressions and character with a more illustrative style!”


Dog art print greeting cards by drawn and drafted, printed at printed.com

Image credit: Drawn and Drafted


Hope Glass Illustration

Hope glass illustration greeting cards

Image credit: Hope Glass Illustration


Need a new way to say ‘I love you’? How about letting someone know you can’t live without them with a quirky card from Hope Glass Illustration? Hand drawn, these illustrated cards help you say it your way on Valentine’s Day… or any day!

Hope is an illustrator, tea lover, and mother of two cats: one called Gaia (which means Mother Earth) and one called Nova (who originally belonged to a witch or so her mum says…) She’s always loved to draw and from a young age I was encouraged by my parents with endless trips to the library and a good supply of pencils and poster paint. Her inspiration comes from everyday life and by the people and animals she sees around her. Hope’s also a self-confessed illustrated children’s books collector, and by her own admission “has far too many of these on my shelf at home.”



We hope you enjoyed our #ProudlyPrinted – The Artist Edition

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