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From Doctor to Artist – An interview with Zeppelinmoon

There are some people that just radiate joy and Amber from Zeppelinmoon is one of them. Inspired by animals, her work is witty, charismatic and oodles of fun.

For many years Amber was a doctor, specialising in forensic psychiatry. Longing to feel more liberated and alive, she turned her passion into a reality and can now call herself an artist, poet and book author. Pretty impressive right?

With 325k followers on Instagram, her illustrations and words are loved by many. But before we get to know more about the wonderful Amber and her business, here’s a sneak peak of her prints coming off our printing press…

Hi Amber Firstly, tell us a bit about your business

Hullo! I’m Amber, an artist and writer also known as Zeppelinmoon. I illustrate my own words and poetry, draw comic art and paint watercolours. 

I like to draw animals and am everlearning from them. My first book Be Wild Be Free was published in 2020 and I have a super busy and cheerful Etsy shop where I sell my work. Behind the scenes is slightly more chaotic!

How did you discover your passion for illustration and poetry?

It’s all a bit of a happy accident, being an artist was just a pipe dream for me. I wrote poems all my life (kind of secretly) and couldn’t draw for toffee. I began investing my spirit into drawing as escapism from working in medicine, until it grew into a delightfully ravenous beast that took me over entirely.

Animals are a recurring theme in your work, where do you find your inspiration? 

It’s everywhere you look, all the teeming life on this planet and all the souls wiser than us, that humans have a terrible habit of taking for granted and massively underestimating. Science is starting to reveal some of natures secrets, but every animal has its own unique superpowers and can do infinite things that humans can only dream of. Homo sapiens claim superiority of thought, feelings and intellect but I am absolutely convinced all living things are sentient in ways we just don’t understand yet.

Your work has a fun, whimsical nature to it. What do you want people to feel when they see your illustrations?

I only ever hope to make things that remind people that life itself is still a beautiful thing, even when its a big pile of %!$*.

What’s been your greatest success so far with Zeppelinmoon?

I think having anyone step into your inner world and tell you it’s ok, or it made them feel better for a bit is a greater gift for me personally than any specific commercial success.

Your work is followed by more than three hundred thousand people on Instagram. How did you build such a vibrant community?

I am epically grateful every day for the good people of Instagram and the new life they gave me. It’s been a ride and I love it. I started with zero followers in 2017 and just gave it consistent attention and love. For sure I also got lucky.

How do you use for your creative business?

I get such lovely feedback for the beautiful Art Prints I make with The quality is always top-notch and very importantly to me, delivery is fast and reliable. I can get new designs I may have literally only painted that day, out to my customers just a few days later!

You print your Calendars, Fine Art Prints and Postcards with us. Do you have a favourite paper and how would you describe it?

I love Recycled Uncoated and use it a lot. I like it because it’s matt and soft to touch and most of all because its recycled, but you would never tell that from the quality of the paper. It’s an easy choice. 

Sustainability is hugely important to you; how do you bring this passion to Zeppelinmoon?

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my horrible human footprint. My products and packaging are totally plastic free. For example instead of cellophane to protect prints, I use clear compostable and biodegradable wraps which are made from potato starch…delicious! Because I rely on paper to draw on and make prints, I plant a tree a day every day through Moretrees to offset that; which is 360 trees so far and growing.

What advice would you give to artists hoping to develop their style?

I think everyones journey is different but if you are doing something you love and investing your passion into, then that will go a long way to carrying you through the dry days. Just keep creating. Call yourself an artist, and start to believe it.  

Follow Amber and her incredible business over on Instagram and Twitter, and to make more sustainable gifting choices this Christmas, head over to Zeppelinmoons website. You won’t regret it.

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