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Customer Stories: Meet the stars behind our campaign

It’s been a very exciting month at Printed.com HQ! We recently launched our Customer Stories brand campaign, featuring three small businesses who come to us for all their printing needs. 

We love getting to know our customers and we’ll travel far and wide to meet them. From Yorkshire to Southampton, we took a road trip to uncover the amazing journey each of them are embarking on and how print has played a part in that. 

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to the four stars behind our Customer Stories campaign.

Charles, Crossfit Southampton

For our first Customer Stories feature, we met with fitness fanatic and co-owner of Crossfit Southampton, Charles Balchin. CrossFit Southampton is a training gym where members can enjoy high intensity fitness in a fun, supportive and coach led environment. 

Whilst filming with Charles, we learnt two very important things:

  1. Print has made a significant impact on the business. From Large Format Display Boards for signage, to Stickers and Loyalty Cards use int he in-house coffee shop, the gym now has a professional suite of printed business materials to show off to members and potential customers.
  2. How incredibly unfit we are.

Charles reflects on the campaign, “I loved being involved in the campaign, it was great to showcase my business and the print we use. I’ve had lots of positive feedback about the video, mainly around the products we get from you. People didn’t realise you could get that size of item from somewhere like Printed.com.

Emma, Blush & Blossom

Entering the world of love and romance, we visited the incredibly talented Emma Shafii. Owner of Blush & Blossom, Emma is a familiar face to the Printed.com blog, having interviewed her back in 2019. Since then there’s been a name change AND a baby! We’ve loved her work for years and thought it was about time that we met her in real life. 

Emma is a wedding stationer with a passion for personalisation and extravagant ideas. She designs anything you could possibly need for your big day. From Save the Dates and Invitations to Table Plans and RSVP’s – the list really does go on and on. 

Emma spoke about her involvement in the campaign, “I loved being part of the Customer Stories campaign and it was great to meet some of the Printed.com team in person. I also really enjoyed pulling together the ‘best bits’ of my recent work and it was fab to show these off.”

Anna and Nicola, CakeDrop

Warning! We would advise not watching our last campaign feature on an empty stomach. 

CakeDrop delivers the yummiest sweet treats from London’s best independent bakeries, direct to your workplace. Founded in 2017, the idea of CakeDrop was born when Anna and Nicola realised how awkward, and frankly disappointing, office birthdays could be. Today, the co-founders (and sisters!) are making office celebrations as effortless, thrilling and delicious as they should be. 

As a result, CakeDrop supports and allows other independent ventures to thrive and compete against big competitors. Can we get a cheer for small businesses?!

As an online only business, print is a really important area for the brand. From Look Books to packaging, it offers customers tangible items to engage with. CakeDrop specialises in personalisation and our Stickers, Foiled Stickers and Postcards help make every order incredibly unique. 

Nicola and Anna said “It was our pleasure to be involved in the Printed.com campaign. Being a small team we’re always up for hosting visitors whenever we get the chance, and this was no different. Aside from the good chat, having the Printed.com girls in the office gave us a legitimate reason to eat cake and crack open a bottle of bubbles on a Tuesday afternoon. In fact, if you look closely at the video you’ll see a glass of Prosecco on Nicola’s desk at 1m07s. It’s not a permanent feature, we promise! All in all, we had a lot of fun meeting the Printed.com team in person and look forward to staying in touch.”

We love meeting and engaging with each and every one of you, so make sure to tag us or use the hashtag #ProudlyPrinted on Instagram. Who knows, you might be the next feature in our Customer Stories campaign…


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