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Turn your customers into regulars with Loyalty Cards

20% off? I’ll take it. Free hair cut? Don’t mind if I do. Complimentary coffee? Now you’re talking.

Everyone loves a freebie, and a reward programme can be a powerful tool to keep your customers coming back.

Now we all know that Loyalty Cards can often be forgotten in the depths of your purse or wallet, so that’s why a well-crafted card can give your customers one more reason to love your brand. Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon or coffee shop, Loyalty Cards don’t just benefit your customers, they can help you stand out.

Here’s how some of our customers took the humble Loyalty Card and made it into something very special.

Bark ‘n’ Bathe

Image Credit: Graphics by Emma

First up is this adorable Loyalty Card from pet groomer, Bark ‘n’ Bathe. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the stamp design. Making it really personal to your business will ensure your customers (in this case, furry friends) become customers for life.

Samantha King Design

Image Credit: Samantha King Design

Looking to add a little luxury to your designs, stand out from the crowd or simply just create that ‘wow’ moment? Samantha King Design did just that with her Foiled Loyalty Cards for beauty salon, The Rooms.

Riptide Espresso & Records

Design credit: Me & You Studio

Your Loyalty Cards don’t have to say a million things and Riptide Espresso & Records prove just that. A minimalist design can be elegant and professional. Plus it gives you the opportunity to play around with more luxurious paper stocks, such as Tintoretto Gesso or funky stamp shapes.

Wildflower Design Co

Image Credit: Wildflower Design Co

Serious Loyalty Card envy incoming. We love this neutral design by Wildflower Design Co, with not just one reward, but two! Simple, yet sleek, this design has a really soft style, emulating her brand aesthetic.

Ellie B Studio

Image Credit: Ellie B Studio

Folded Loyalty Cards gives you four sides of space, letting your designs have some breathing room while making a lasting impression. Ellie B Studio used the extra space to add in an appointment scheduler, so that customers wouldn’t forget their next booking. Genius!

Spring Espresso

Image Credit: Spring Espresso

Putting a name to face is always nice! Spring Espresso did exactly that with their personalised Loyalty Cards. Make your business even more memorable by considering the smaller details.

Getting a one-time customer is fantastic. Getting a long-term customer is even better. Show your customers you care with a Loyalty Card today.

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