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Brilliantly Bespoke Tipis – An Interview with Blush & Blossom

Wedding Stationery isn’t one size fits all – and that’s something Emma Fisher of Blush & Blossom knows all too well.

She’s a wedding stationer with a passion for personalisation – and when we saw her incredible DIY Save the Date tipis (yes, tipis) pass through our presses, well, we had to find out more!


So, Emma! Tell us a bit about your business and what you get up to at Blush and Blossom?

Blush & Blossom offer a bespoke wedding stationery service, designing unique and stylish solutions for your wedding day. I provide a truly personalised service, working with you every step of the way to create your dream wedding stationery. With everything printed professionally on luxury papers by Printed.com, I ensure quality, a keen attention to detail, and personal touches throughout. I can design everything you need for your big day including Saves the Dates, Invitations, RSVP’s, Table Plans – the list is endless! Whether you are looking for a boho, floral, rustic, traditional or luxurious theme, I’m here to help.


How did you get started?

I’ve always loved graphic design, and having worked in the industry for over 10 years I’ve built up experience in design, print production, as well as communications and trends. I’ve always loved doing my own unique prints, cards and wedding stationery for friends and that’s when Blush & Blossom was born.


emma Fisher blush and Blossom Paper Bepsoke Tipi Save the Dates

Image credit: Blush and Blossom – Bespoke Save the Date Tipis


Let’s talk about your fabulous Save the Date tipis! First of all, where did you get the idea?

Having designed wedding stationery for other people for a few years now, when I got engaged in Thailand last year so many ideas were running around my head for my own stationery! First of all, I wanted something unique and something that was going to represent our day perfectly. We are having a tipi wedding in the Lake District, so after doing a bit of research and various designs, that’s when the pop-up tipi came to life. I love quirky designs and a lot of colour, and I also wanted something that people will remember and have some fun with.


How did you bring it to life? Did it involve lots of testing and trial and error?

Definitely! I worked very closely with Printed.com to create a bespoke order, these guys were fab at giving advice and we did a few test versions before the final piece was created. The design has lots of special finishes involved including die cut to shape, fold marks and even little cuts inserted for you to pop your tipi poles into. It was so great receiving the final printed design and building this into our own little tipi – it’s been even better watching all of our guests receive their save the dates and watching them build their tipis too!


emma Fisher blush and Blossom Paper Bepsoke Tipi Save the Dates

Image credit: Blush and Blossom – Bespoke Save the Date Tipis


Some people believe that print and stationery are dying out in today’s digital world. Do you agree? What do you do to combat this?

I’d hate to think that print and stationery is dying out as it’s so magical to create designs, have these printed and have something tactile to hold and cherish forever. Printed.com offer some lovely textured card stocks and finishes, and it’s great to be able to offer my clients this too, giving them an even more bespoke element to their stationery. I believe there is still a strong desire for printed stationery and my clients are keeping me busy, so that must be a sign!


Some might think that creating something as intriguing as a wedding save the date tipi is unachievable for them, how can you help?

Simply get in touch and I can work with you every step of the way. You can view my save the date tipi on my website here which gives you all the information you need to create your own tipi. I can also work with you to create a custom design if you prefer different colours, fonts etc. Nothing is unachievable 🙂


Finally, do you have any advice for any creatives out there who want to get started in the wedding stationery industry?

I would just say if this is your dream and you absolutely love it, then go for it! Nothing is better than doing a job you love and hearing wonderful client feedback. It’s so fantastic to see photos of your stationery on people’s wedding days, along with their feedback of how well it went down with guests!


Image credit: Blush and Blossom – Bespoke Save the Date Tipis


Are you a wedding stationer like Emma? Or perhaps you’re just getting started and finding your feet in the market? Chat with us and show us what you’re up to over on social using #ProudlyPrinted! If Emma has inspired you to get set up yourself, why not take a read of our ‘tips for getting your creative business started’ blog?


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