Creating a Flyer with stand out

Creating a Flyer? Bring your design to the next level.

When it comes to affordable and effective marketing, you can’t beat the simplicity of a printed Flyer. Mind you, we’re not talking about just any Flyers, we’re talking about Flyers with papers and finishes so stunning that they’ll leave a lasting effect on your customers.

Read on to discover how to creating a Flyer with wow factor can make a huge difference to your business this season.

Go classy with a Foil finish

Do you remember the first time you opened a gourmet piece of chocolate? Chances are the wrapper was made of Foil. It oozes class.

Adding a Foil finish to your Leaflets and Flyers has the same effect. Print your company’s logo in Foil to create a focal point or decorate the edges with a beautiful geometric or floral design to add a unique visual aspect. At, we offer Foiling in a variety of colours including red, blue, gold, silver, rose gold and even copper. If you can’t wait to get started, click below.

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Create drama with White Ink

business card special finishes

Adding a bit of drama to your Flyer printing can really give your marketing an edge. This is one of the reasons why White Ink is such a popular choice with our retail customers.

Created by building up layer upon layer of our specially formulated ink, this finish gives a crisp whiteness that just can’t be beaten. This effect can take even the simplest of ideas and give it a bold and unique edge. Give it a go!

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Unique effects with Die Cutting

Who said Flyers have to be square? If you’ve got a unique shape in mind, then Die Cutting is your answer for creating a flyer with impact.

This technique give your Leaflet or Flyer a hand-cut look which allows you to really get creative with your design. A baker for example could create a Die-Cut Flyer shaped like a cupcake, or a florist may choose to cut out beautiful floral shapes within their design. The possibilities really are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. Tell our Bespoke Team your grand plans and we’ll help you make it real.

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Shine on with Spot UV

spot uv business card

For the perfect glossy finish for your Leaflets and Flyers, choose Spot UV.

Created by placing varnish onto your print and then hardening it with a UV lamp, this finish adds a unique shine to parts of your design that will truly wow when it catches the light. It’s especially dramatic on a matte or dark coloured background and doesn’t have the telltale glare of other glossy finishes.

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Get fresh with folds

folded leaflet

Special Finishes aren’t the only way to add a little oomph to your designs. Folded Leaflets have a very distinct look compared to your standard A5 prints and are perfect if you’ve got more to say. Whether you choose a classic half fold, a Z fold or the ever-popular gate fold, discover which works best for you on our dedicated blog here

And if you can’t find the fold you’re looking for, chat to our Bespoke team who will be more than happy to bring your Flyer print vision to life.

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Creating a flyer is easy when you know how! Ready to get creative? Discover our full range of printed Leaflets and Flyers below.

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