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Learn something new with our Adobe tutorials

It’s the perfect time to learn something new, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re looking to scale up your graphic design skills, our range of Adobe tutorials are here to help.

Preparing artwork for print can be a little daunting (even for experienced designers), but hope is not lost; there are simple steps you can follow to ensure your print will be perfect every time.

Being the helpful bunch we are, we’ve put together a series of online Adobe tutorials so you can make sure your next printed project hits the presses without a hitch!

Check them out below.

Preparing a document for Foil printing

From Greeting Cards to Stickers, Foil can add a real sophisticated sparkle to your print- and you don’t need a degree in graphic design to get your document ready! You will need to provide 3 separate PDF’s when submitting your artwork for foil printing – check out the tutorial below and learn how to get set up.

Preparing a document for White Ink printing

With hundreds of achievable shades of ink to choose from, so many people are missing out on the simplistic sheen that one can bring to their designs- white! Available on a number of richly coloured paper stocks, get your document White Ink ready by following the tutorial below.

Adding personalisation to your print

Did you know that by using a CSV file you can import unique data to your design? Perfect for Invitations and Place Cards. Get to grips will how to set up your document for personalisation below. 

Adding bleed to your artwork

Bleed is an area of print outside the document that must be added to your artwork before it’s sent off for print. This way, there’s no white space left on your document after it’s trimmed. Learn how to add bleed to your Photoshop artwork by following the tutorial below.

We also have additional tutorials which demonstrate how to add bleed in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator as well.

Exporting your artwork as a PDF

To get your document ready for print, it’s best to export it as a PDF. Luckily, it’s a very simple process. Learn how to export a PDF in InDesign by following the tutorial below.

We have additional tutorials showing how to export a PDF in Photoshop and Illustrator too.

Resizing your artwork

You might need to resize artwork for a number of reasons: for example, you want to reuse artwork for a range of different stationery products, or you’ve realised your artwork is the wrong size. Learn how to resize your artwork in Illustrator by following the tutorial below.

We also have tutorials showing how to export a PDF in InDesign and Photoshop as well.

Want more? If you’re looking to learn more graphic design tips make sure to check out our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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