5 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint: World Environment Day

In case you missed it, today (Tuesday 5 June) marks official World Environment Day. Since 1974 this important day has led the way in raising awareness for all sorts of environmental issues; from marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming, to this year’s theme – plastic pollution.

At, we’re committed to conducting our activities and operations in line with current legislation and best environmental practice.  We ensure that every single sheet of paper we use is FSC approved and have worked to reducing and recycling 100% of our waste.

Whilst you can rest assured that every time you order from us, we’re minimizing our impact on the environment,  there are a few other things you can do to reduce your own impact on the world. And they’re so easy, you won’t even notice you’re doing them!


Switch to reusable plastics

Every minute of every day, we buy 1 million plastic bottles. That’s a lot of plastic. In the last decade, we produced more plastic than in the whole last century – so if you only manage to make one change, make it to reuse and reduce the amount of plastic you consume.  From buying bamboo toothbrushes, to reusable drinks bottles and lunchboxes, there are loads of alternatives to traditional plastic packaging and products. Check out the #beatplasticpollution hashtag for inspiration!


Pack your own lunch

Who would have thought that something as simple as packing your own lunch could have such a dramatic effect? By simply packing your own sandwich (in a reusable lunchbox, of course) you’re removing the need for a single serve plastic wrapper to house your grub. Plus, if you get into the habit of bulk buying items like yoghurt, nuts and seeds, and packaging them yourself to bring to work, you’ll be reducing your plastic consumption even further, and beating those mid-afternoon munchies that lead to vending machine forages!


Choose recycled paper

Where possible, opt for recycled paper. We offer recycled paper here at and it’s subtle, flecked and slightly textured surface is ideal for everything from Business Stationery to Invites!


Buy less

Simply buying less stuff is a good route to lower your carbon footprint. Did you know a single T-shirt may have caused emissions equal to two or three days’ typical power consumption?! Buying fewer things has an important role to play – and when you must buy, try to choose eco-friendly brands and products, and recycling your old stuff too!


Work from home

No, really. If you regularly drive to work, just one day a week spent working from home could dramatically lower your carbon footprint. Plus, think about the lovely home cooked lunches you could make, (reducing your carbon footprint even further, hurrah!)


Got any tips for reducing your impact on the environment?

Let us know in the comments below!

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