Top trade show tips from our customers

Looking for trade show tips? You’ve come to the right place.

Trade shows are exciting (and a bit scary!) but absolutely worth it if you’re looking to grow your business.

Get prepared for your next event with these top trade show tips from some of our favourite small business customers…

Trade show tips from Sophie Amelia Creates

Trade Show Stand

Sophie Amelia Creates at Top Drawer

How do you go about selecting which trade shows to apply for?

The most important factor for me is choosing a show that I know has a really good reputation. Trade shows are expensive so it’s key to choose ones that you know you can trust. I’d love to do as many as possible but if you’re only going to do one a year, it’s got to be the right fit for your brand.

How do you visualise your exhibition space ahead of a show?

I consider time, cost and impact. Lots of people paint their stands to suit their brand colours. However this doesn’t really appeal to me due to time taken and the fact that you have to paint it back to white post the show (yawn).

I like to keep things simple and effective, to allow my products to speak for themselves. Of course I have a peek on Pinterest and previous stands from the show, just so I know what I’m up against. There’s nothing worse than turning up somewhere and realising you were massively underprepared.

Business Card

Sophie Amelia Creates Business Cards

When it comes to the preparation, what would you say are the 3 most important print items to help bring your space to life? 

A large Display Board or Banner with your brand name on, as well as Business Cards and price lists for people to take away.

What is your number one trade show tip?

Be prepared for people to place orders there and then. Have order sheets at the ready so you can fill them in and make sure you get their info too.

Don’t forget to check out Sophie’s incredible product range, and make sure to show your support and give her a follow on Instagram too. 

Trade show tips from XOXO Designs

Colourful Tradeshow Stand

Ruth From XOXO Designs

How do you go about attracting attention to your stand?

I am a major introvert, so I don’t tend to be comfortable sparking the conversation unless there is something obvious. I tend to dress colourfully and that made people start a conversation!

For marketing print ‘on the day’ what are your go-to’s to make the event a success and why?

Business Cards and Brochures. For anyone who is showing a little interest I would hand them my Business Card to build rapport. Some people don’t actually buy at trade shows, they suss everything out and order in their own time (that would be me!). They need something to remember you by.

Trade Show Greeting Cards

XOXO Designs Greeting Cards

How do you use your social media channel to advertise upcoming shows and events?

I used TikTok for the first time to document my whole trade show experience, from the set up to the take down. I actively use Instagram and shared the same content on there too!

What is your number one trade show tip?

Small tip – don’t forget to bring a chair. The days are long and you will need to sit down!

Big tip – don’t feel like you’re an imposter. You are entitled to be there. You can feel like a very small fish in a big pond but use that to your advantage. Once I got talking to people I realised everyone was there to support you and help you, and your stall neighbours will 100% get your obsession with card stock!

You can checkout Ruth’s awesome Instagram page right here, and show your support by checking our her beautiful stationery range here.

Trade show tips from Stitch Finity

Stitch Finity

Stitch Finity

When it comes to the preparation, what would you say are the 3 most important print items to help bring your space to life?

Our three most important print items are our wholesale Brochure, product photography Display Boards and boards with information about our brand.

When planning your product display, how do you go about selecting the right collections?

We display by collection and only wholesale our best selling collections. We take all of our wholesale collections with us so potential stockists can see the packaging, but we also take stitched examples showing the finished designs.

How do you go about attracting attention to your stand?

We wear orange jumpsuits and we’re generally having a laugh with each other. We ARE the vibrant décor! Joking aside, we aim to make our stand look bright, modern and inviting.

Stitch Finity

Stitch Finity Stand

How do you use your social media channel to advertise upcoming shows and events?

We connect with brands we’d like to talk to and introduce ourselves ahead of the show. We also email all our existing stockists to let them know when we’re attending a show and how to take advantage of our show offers, even if they can’t attend.

What is your number one trade show tip?

Don’t assume it’s just about how much you sell at the show – it’s about how much you learn, who you connect with and how you follow up afterwards.

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