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How to host the ultimate outdoor event: your checklist for success

With summer now in full swing, outdoor events are the hot topic of the season. From fairs, fetes and match-day screenings, to markets and outdoor exhibitions, the possibilities are endless for your alfresco adventures.

But before you whip out the bunting and party hats, check out our handy Events Collection checklist for making sure yours is a success.

Planning your space

Whether it’s your own space or you’ve hired an outdoor venue, the way you transform it and make it your own is key. From the way you arrange your tables, chairs and floor space, to setting up big screens and bars and even the little details like Flags around your entrances, weatherproof Outdoor Posters to advertise your promotions and Table Talkers to get the conversation started – you can never be too prepared.

Check off the following points to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to planning.

  • Source or hire your chairs, tables and any other furniture
  • Plan and agree your catering – if required. Don’t forget about your Menus too!
  • Apply for additional licences (if needed – i.e for selling alcohol or food past 11pm. Find out more here)
  • Get your advertising, social media and promotions planned and ready to deploy
  • Design or source your signage and guidance so it’s ready to print

Getting the guests in

Once you’ve done all your planning, it’s time to get people there! Whatever your outdoor event, you’ll need customers and visitors to make it a success, so think about some ways to advertise. You don’t have to do everything on this list, but the more promotion you undertake, the better your turnout will be.

  • Deploy your social media advertising campaign/set up an event page
  • Print Leaflets and Flyers to hand out locally, prior to the event
  • Print Posters to promote your event and pin them up locally
  • Send personalised invites to your customers or loyal clients
  • Circulate an email campaign to raise awareness
  • Consider Roller Banners or Display Boards to promote your event in your store, restaurant, reception or space to catch attention of customers and visitors

Hosting the event

health and safety print a-boards

Now you’ve done all the legwork, the fun stuff can begin – the outdoor event itself! There are a few things you’ll need before event day and on the day itself to make yours as successful as possible.

  • Make sure you’ve printed all of your signage, Menus and any other info or handouts that you’ll need to pin up or place on tables. (And if social distancing is still required, then make sure you have some signage!)
  • Either the day before, or the morning of your event, make sure you’ve placed all of your essential print where it needs to be, such as A boards at your entrance points
  • Get a backup plan together, in case the weather turns on you. This could be as simple as hiring some large parasols to ensuring you’ve got an indoor area or marquee available.
  • Ensure you’ve got adequate lighting – a simple set of string lights are more than just pretty decoration! If possible, do a test run the night before to make sure that everything is easily (and safely) accessible with the lighting you have.
  • Familiarise yourself with the running order for your event – what time will customers/guests arrive? When will your food be served? If you’re screening something, what time does it start?

After the event

We hope your outdoor event was a success and one you’ll hopefully want to repeat before the summer is over! Here are a few tips for following up after your event, to engage customers and guests and get them ready for the next one.

  • Send a thank you email to your database with a roundup of the event
  • Post any photos you took onto your social channels, or even run a competition via email for attendees to extend the experience
  • Plan ahead and get your designs in place for your next batch of Leaflets, Banners and Display Boards to promote your event

Want to create something custom for your outdoor event? Whether it’s a uniquely shaped Sticker, specific sized Brochures, Tickets, Wristbands or even Block Foiled Event Stationery – our dedicated Bespoke Team are on hand to help you bring your print to life.

Simply fill out our quick and easy form and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

In the meantime we hope your outdoor event is a roaring success, and wish you the best of luck with the rest of your events season.

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