Maximising Visibility: The Power of Outdoor Banners and Signs for Events

In the bustling world of business marketing, capturing the attention of potential customers is a paramount goal. Outdoor banners and signage stand out as a potent tool, especially when it comes to events. Their ability to convey brand messages, attract attention effortlessly, and ultimately drive foot traffic makes them an indispensable asset for any business looking to make an impact.

Strategies for Effective Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to print, sometimes you need to go BIG. That’s where Large Format Print can really help send a message. As we travel around our cities, towns, and even the countryside, we’re exposed to examples of outdoor print. Billboards, advertisements on buses, Posters in your local cafe… the list really does go on.

To maximise their effectiveness, careful consideration must be given to the placement of outdoor banners and signs. High-traffic areas such as busy streets, intersections, and event entrances are prime locations. The aim is to position your signage where it can command the most visibility and engage with the largest audience possible.

The strategic placement also involves ensuring that your signs are displayed at eye level or higher, making them easily readable from a distance. This not only increases the chances of catching the attention of passers-by but also reinforces brand recognition.

Event Signage Ideas

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate outdoor signage into your next event…

Display Boards

display board prints

Whether temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, our range of Display Boards can cater for all your signage, POS or retail display needs. Available in 10 difference sizes with 5 different substrates (including our recyclable option), you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Roller Banners and X Frame Banners

Whether you’re hosting an open day, fair, fete, exhibition Roller Banners and X Frame Banners make the ideal Large Format print choice.

Durable, portable and available in various different shapes and sizes, our high-end range is specially designed to be used time and time again. So no matter the occasion your message will stand strong. Plus, you can even have our Roller Banners printed Double-Sided to ensure your design can be seen from any angle.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

To welcome your customers in style, why not refresh a blank wall with Self-Adhesive Vinyl? This re-positionable matt PVC allows you to move your graphic around, or choose our fully removable Clear Self-Adhesive for more freedom. Removable options also mean you’re free to decorate your shop, exhibition stand or cafe as you please (without worrying about leaving lasting damage). Check out our full Self-adhesive Vinyl guide here.


Whether you’re running a promotion, hosting an event or launching a new Menu – a good ol’ fashioned Poster shouldn’t be ignored.

With our Indoor Poster print options, you can choose from high-impact satin or velvety matt paper. Both materials help take your trade show walls and window displays to the next level. Or if you need something a little more durable, our Outdoor Posters come with industry standard water-resistant Blueback or a tear-proof, scratch-resistant Weatherproof substrate. Perfect for a longer term solution.

Feather Flags

Known for their unique shape and ability to flutter gracefully in the breeze, Feather Flags catch the eye not just by color and design but also through movement. Ideal for outlining spaces, marking entry points, or promoting special event features, Feather Flags can be strategically placed to guide visitors towards your event or specific areas within it. With the added advantage of easy setup and portability, Feather Flags are an essential addition to your marketing arsenal.

By harnessing the potential of outdoor banners and signs, your business can carve out a distinctive space at your next event…

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Our in-house designer Becca has a love of all things creative. When she’s not designing, you can find her in Newcastle checking out independent coffee shops or getting her hands dirty with her house renovation.

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