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Meet Production Director, David Duncan

We’re venturing onto our bustling factory floor in Northumberland to chat with Production Director, David Duncan (or DD to us). With 34 years of print experience under his belt, David is in charge of making sure your print is perfect every time…

David, tell us about your role at…

I’m committed to maximising efficiency and consistently delivering an exceptional product. I collaborate across teams to secure the most competitive prices, ensuring we always achieve the best value without compromising on quality.

As part of the outsourcing team, I ensure that any prospective partners meet our quality standards. This involves visiting these potential collaborators before integrating them into our operations.

A key aspect of my role also includes staying abreast of the latest technologies, evaluating their relevance for both current operations and future advancements. For instance, one of the major projects I’ve been involved with over the past year is the introduction of the Canon IX3200 machines.

What’s the best bit about your job?

Each day brings its own unique set of obstacles, making my job endlessly interesting. Among the many aspects that make my role rewarding, the standout feature without a doubt is the incredible team of individuals I have the privilege of working alongside.

Tell us a bit about the factory… how many printers are there at the Cramlington site?

We have 9 small format digital printers and 8 large format printers at We have a range of finishing equipment about 25 in total, and our newest finishing machine is our Wiro Binding machine.

And how many people are there working in production?

We have 70 staff working in production starting at 9pm on Sunday night running through to 6am Saturday. Our staff are divided up and will work in either our Pressroom, Finishing or Dispatch Departments.

How many jobs do we process every day?

We process over 1000 jobs on average each and every day!

Tell us an interesting fact about

94% of jobs go on to press within 24 hours. 64% of those of jobs are processed within 10 minutes.

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