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Spot on! 5 reasons to use Spot UV printing in your next project

Spot UV or Spot UV printing, or even just UV printing, is the name given to a shiny varnish or coating that’s applied to your print, then ‘hardened’ with a Spot UV lamp. Spot UV printing leaves a finished effect that’s usually a clear overlay over a certain area of our print (hence the ‘spot’ name), which contrasts against the matt (or less shiny) areas of your print. But why would you use Spot UV printing?

Add intrigue

The great thing about Spot UV is that you can add it to your print without ‘outlines’. That means that your Spot UV layer can be totally independent of any of your other elements in your design. You can add a secret message, a hidden logo, or even a contrasting pattern, and it’s only visible when it catches the light.

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Get a premium finish

Spot UV is generally thought of as a premium option, so by default, when you add it to your Business Cards, Brochure covers or any other print, you’ll be establishing your business or brand as a premium, luxury service.

Stand out from the crowd

Foiling is hot topic right now – from Wedding Invites to Business Cards, adding a glimmer of gold, a splash of silver or even a hint of coloured foil is bang on trend. But why not do things a little differently? If you’re considering foil, why not take a look at Spot UV instead? It’s subtle, shiny finish adds a different dimension to printed artwork, while still retaining that eye-catching finish.

Dress up your brochures

Spot UV is a popular choice on Business Cards, but how about using it for your catalogues, brochures or project books? The shiny, subtle finish looks great against contrasting matt paper, offering a sleek, unique and professional finish.

Stick around longer

Did you know, 88% of Business Cards are tossed within the first week of receiving them? (source: CreditDonkey). Make sure yours sticks around by adding an extra fancy finish that’s guaranteed to make your potential customers and clients think twice.

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Feeling inspired? It’s easier than you think to incorporate Spot UV printing into your designs

The great thing about Spot UV printing is that anyone can use it! Adding an extra finish to your artwork usually requires supplying us with an extra file to outline where you’d like your special print finish applied, but that’s it. Here’s a handy guide to walk you through the process. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert, our team can help you get it right. Just get in touch with them by phone, every weekday 8.30am ‘til 6pm on: 0800 840 1430, or drop them an email to: or chat live on site.

Shop Spot UV Business Cards

To get a quote for your individual Spot UV print job, our friendly team are happy to advise you, just get in touch with them by filling out our Bespoke Form below.


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