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Get to know Spot UV

Want to add a little extra to your print? We’ve recently introduced a range of six extra special print finishes – Spot UV, Block Foiling, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, White Ink and Digital Foiling.

Not sure where to start? We’re starting off with an in-depth look at Spot UV. What it’s used for, how we create it and all the info about this extra special print finish.

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First of all, what is it?

Spot UV is a process which involves adding a varnish to an area (or multiple areas – like a pattern, for example) of your print. Sometimes called Spot Varnish, the UV part comes from the process in which the applied varnish is ‘hardened’ and finished. Once the varnish has been applied, it’s passed under a UV lamp to seal and finish the varnish. This results in a shiny, long-lasting finish, with a slightly raised texture. It is free from colour but is often used to subtly accentuate a particular element of design. This could be text or a logo.

Where is Spot UV used?

You may have come across it on business stationery, like Business Cards or on book covers. It’s commonly used on uncoated papers, for maximum contrast against the UV highlights.

Who can use it?

The great thing about our new special finishes, like Spot UV printing, are that anyone can use them! Adding an extra finish to your artwork usually requires supplying us with an extra file to outline where you’d like your special print finish applied, but that’s it. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert, our team can help you get it right. Just get in touch with them by phone, every weekday 8.30am ‘til 6pm on: 0800 840 1430, or drop them an email to: or chat live on site.

To get a quote for your individual print job, our friendly team are happy to advise you, just get in touch with them by filling out our Bespoke Form below.


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