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Get to know Die Cutting

Want to add a little extra to your print? We’ve recently introduced a range of six extra special print finishes – Spot UV, Block Foiling, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, White Ink and Digital Foiling.

Not sure where to start? We’re taking an in-depth look at Die Cutting – what it’s used for, how we create it and all the need-to-know info about this razor sharp print finish.


First of all, what is it?

Die Cutting is a process of cutting your print into specific shapes or sizes. The word ‘die’ refers to the sharp steel blade that’s been shaped to fit your requirements. To cut your print, first the die will need to be created, then, just like a cookie-cutter, it’ll be fitted to our machine and we’ll ‘stamp’ your print, cutting it precisely.


Where is Die Cutting used?

As well as having a multitude of creative possibilities, Die Cutting is often used for functional purposes too. Y’know those door hangers you see at hotels? They’ve been Die Cut. That special sized box to fit your muffin perfectly? That’s been Die Cut too!

If you’ve got a special product, for example, a pin badge, or jewellery item, you might what to specially shape a card, or small box to allow it to sit perfectly. That’s where Die Cutting comes in, as it allows you to set your own dimensions, shape and size.



Who can use Die Cutting?

You can be as creative as you like with Die Cutting. If you’re a creative or a business looking for an extra special finish, you might want to think about cutting out your logo, a letter, or a shape from your Business Card, to add extra intrigue. Or, if you’re in the retail, catering or hospitality industry, Die Cutting can be the ideal solution for promos and packaging.

The great thing about Die Cutting is that it allows anyone (yup, absolutely anyone) to create exactly what they need.

To create your Die Cut print, you will need to supply us with a vector file, containing the shape of your Die Cut requirements. We’ll need this so we can make your die. If you’re not sure where to start, our friendly team are on hand to help you get it right. No matter what you’re envisioning, they’re on hand to help to bring your print to life – and believe us when we say there’s no job too big, or small. Get in touch with them by phone, every weekday 8.30am ‘til 6pm on: 0800 840 1430 or drop them an email to: or chat live on site.


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