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#ProudlyPrinted: The e-commerce edition

Welcome to the e-commerce edition of #ProudlyPrinted!

Looking for ways to spice up your printed packaging? With online ordering only getting more popular in the run-up to Christmas, people are waking up to more and more packages littering their doorsteps. How are you making yours stand out?

We’ve been talking a LOT about the wonders of e-commerce print both on and off this blog and just had to share some of the amazing customer creations we’ve seen added to products and packaging this month!

Read on for all the inspo!

The Mallow Makers

e-commerce foil

Image Credit: The Mallow Makers

Got a sweet tooth? Opening a package full of tasty homemade marshmallows is already a great way to start the day, but the accompanying Postcards explaining how to create the perfect toasting experience makes it all the better! Stuck down with a custom Sticker and finished off with a handwritten thank you message on a Business Card makes this order from The Mallow Makers one heck of a sweet (and squishy) e-commerce experience!

Sew Sophie Crafts

e-commerce business cards

Image Credit: Sew Sophie Crafts

We can’t get enough of the creative ways Sew Sophie Crafts has been shipping her cross-stitch kits. From the adorable personalised Stickers to the Business Cards used as backing for her buttons, each kit is perfectly packaged and the ideal gift for any avid crafter in your life. We also LOVE the hole-punched cards that are used send her threads through the post! Now that’s what we call some ingenious use of e-commerce!

White Cat Vintage

e-commerce postcard

Image Credit: White Cat Vintage

We just couldn’t ignore this bright and colourful Postcard that White Cat Vintage has been slipping in with their vintage homewares. The easy way to add a little more branding to your orders, Postcards like this are perfect for everything from explaining more about your brand to adding in an exclusive deal for your customers. They’re bound to catch all the right attention, especially if you use a touchably interesting paper as well! How creative can you get?

Abby Cook Illustration

E-commerce Abby Cook

Image Credit: Abby Cook

For e-commerce print that will definitely get everyone buzzing, these bee-utiful Stickers by Abby Cook Illustration are the perfect example. No matter how big or small the packages you send, they definitely don’t have to be plain! Something as simple as adding a unique Sticker to seal your Envelopes or your product wrapping infuses your orders with personality. The dual combination of a Round and Rectangle Sticker here would definitely have us excited to unwrap! (Plus we always love a good pun).

Hannah Wilde Prints

e-commerce stickers and business cards

Image Credit: Hannah Wilde

The creative wrapping that goes into every one of Hannah Wilde’s orders is definitely getting us excited for Christmas! Using a Sticker to seal your wrapping looks much neater than sellotape and is another simple way to add a little more branding to your orders. We also always appreciate when people take the time to add a Thank You Card to an order. Whether it’s on a Business Card, a Postcard or a full-on Greeting Card, it’s an easy way to show your customers just how much you appreciate their business and really shows the human side of your brand as well.

Honey Studio Prints

Image Credit: Honey Studio Prints

No package is complete without a Business Card and these sweet pink creations by Honey Studio Prints really show how to make the most out of your space. Small but mighty, a Business Card can serve as a proper introduction to your brand. It’s crucial you get it right. These cards not only fit the name, logo and social media handles without looking crowded but also thanks you in two languages! Diolch yn fawr iawn, Honey Studio Prints. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

KDM London

Image Credit: KDM London

Autumn is the perfect time to brighten your home with the flicker of some scented candles and these colourful creations by KDM London are just the ticket. E-commerce isn’t just about the extras you add to your packages, but also how well you present your products as well. The Labels that adorn these candles clearly showcase what the scent is, the company branding and give the whole product a unique and professional feel.

Lily Designs London

And finally, we’re rounding off with these simple cards that are added to every jewellery order from Lily Designs London. Everything about their packaging just oozes luxury, with the golden shine of their Foiled Postcards only enhancing that. Available in a range of dazzling shades, why not see how Digital or Block Foiling could make your e-commerce print dazzle.

Want to be featured in next month’s roundup? Just keep tagging your printed creations with #ProudlyPrinted on Instagram!

If you’ve been inspired to take your printed packaging to the next level, make sure to check out our full Retail Collection!


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