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#PrintedPeople – Meet our Founder, Nick Green

We’re a diverse bunch here at Printed.com – and we thought you might like to take a peek behind the screen to see exactly who makes us, well, us.

From our dedicated Customer Service team, on the front line answering your calls and helping you out when you need it, to our factory floor team who make sure your artwork is reproduced perfectly, to our HQ in London, where we think of ideas, innovate our website and create all of our communications, there’s a whole army of us behind the press, dedicated to helping you get your print, your way.

We already introduced you to Monika, our senior designer and “the hands” of Printed.com (no, really) and now we’re kicking off a brand new year by chatting all things print with our founder, Nick Green. If you’ve ever wondered about the brains behind the Printed.com operation, or have had a fleeting thought about what kind of books the founder of a print company reads – we’ve got you covered!

Without further ado…


Hi Nick! As the founder of Printed.com can you give us a quick overview of how Printed.com was born?

I’ve been involved in the print and marketing industry since 2002 and as I learnt more about the industry and talked to customers, I started to see how business was changing and how in particular the internet was affecting that change.

Back then the majority of UK business was still done via high-street copy shops – quality and range was hard to find for small businesses and only really accessible to large corporates. Right from the beginning I knew I wanted to find a way to close that gap and create an alternative way for customers to find and buy printed products. My aim was always to make print available to everyone, and encompass a huge range of products across a huge range of stocks – all at a good price. It’s a mantra we’ve followed ever since.



Printed.com celebrated its 7th birthday last year – are there any moments over the last seven years that have stuck out as being memorable or particularly defining for the company?

Our second office move was a huge moment for the business. When we went from a 6 desk small rented office to a 2,500sq ft office capable of holding over 30 people, we knew things were getting serious.

Our first Collection was also an important event for Printed.com. The Wedding Collection was launched because we noticed more and more customers choosing luxury stocks for Invitations.

We’d never built a collection or Hub before, so launching 17 products across 9 luxury stocks all in one go was a big investment and risk. We’re pleased to say that it paid off with wedding print now accounting for over 10% of our business.

 In the very beginning I set up alerts on my phone to monitor the amount of new customers we acquired each day. I remember having to stop the alerts as the number of new customers was so high, it was sending alerts constantly!


What does a typical day look like for you?

I start my day at 7am for breakfast with my kids followed by a 4 mile walk to work.

The first thing on the agenda when I get to the office is a chat with the ‘breakfast’ team – our early office starters – made up of a growing cross section of people from all of our different teams.

At 9.30 I’ll have a Skype call with the team in Newcastle, which is the home of our print plant. I’ll have a quick check in and go through plans for the day.

The rest of the morning is normally spent checking in with the senior team and making sure that we are all following through with our plans. I hate the idea of not following through on good plans so we have to keep pushing to make sure things get done.

Lunch is normally a Pret sandwich and getting out of the office for an hour or so.

The afternoon is normally driven by how the daily sales are looking.  



What does 2019 (and beyond) hold for Printed.com?

I expect us to take some strong leaps technically based on our roadmap. We have an amazing engineering team and I think 2019 will be a defining year for us.

We are also expanding our foothold in to the Creative and Wedding market places and have some interesting ideas on how to help our customer’s business’s grow through their work with Printed.com.


What are the opportunities for Printed.com and the digital print market as a whole?

More businesses will move there spend online and at the back end of 2018 we saw high growth from larger corporates. I think that will represent more and more of our business going forward.

Digital print also continues to evolve. Stock options continue to expand, as does sheet size – making the market larger and more diversified.


So, big things in store for Printed.com! Alright, now we want to know a bit about you! Answer our five quick-fire questions and tell us…



When you’re not in the office – where can we find you? 

On the sidelines of my kids football matches


Something people don’t know about you is…

I don’t like talking about myself


What was the last book you read?

Gangster Granny by David Walliams with my daughter.


What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

Be focussed.


And finally, tell us who inspires you?

My dad.


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