Your last minute Christmas checklist

It’s official, Christmas is just three weeks away! With December now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to make sure you’ve got everything prepared for one of the busiest times of the year.

Not sure what you have left to do? We’re here to help. So go grab a mince pie and tick off your essential tasks from our Christmas checklist.

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1. Update your opening and delivery times

You should tell your customers about your festive opening hours and delivery schedule as early as possible to avoid a pile-up of confused messages. An easy way to do this is to pop a noticeable banner on your website or make a pinned social media post and keep referring people to it. If it’s the last day you’ll be shipping a certain product, makes sure to shout about this as well to avoid any disappointment. You can check the expected delivery times on the Royal Mail website here so you can be sure your deliveries will arrive on time.

If you’ve got any last-minute print shopping to do, make sure to check out our own festive opening hours so you can order yours in plenty of time.

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2. Organise your festive marketing

These final few weeks are perfect for festive flash sales to take advantage of the mad shopping rush around this time. Just be sure you have the time and manpower to handle these deals as we don’t want any grumpy customer faces over Christmas!

Make sure all your marketing is uniform too. If you’ve put a festive banner on your website, add it to your social media and email headers as well so everything looks neat and well put together.

3. Stay on top of your Christmas social media

Businesses often see a massive spike in messages on social media over Christmas, so make sure you’re answering them as quickly as you can. If you find that you’re getting many of the same questions, create an FAQ post or blog entry so you can easily point people to the right information.

4. Send your corporate Christmas Cards and gifts

Gift Tag

If you want to send a corporate Christmas Card, it’s the perfect time to design your own. We’ve even got a helpful guide on getting your Greeting Card artwork set up for print to help. Once your cards and gifts are ready, be sure they’re posted in plenty of time. Also double-check with your recipients what their current address is as many people are still working remotely. You don’t want your perfectly designed Christmas Cards stuck in a corporate post box until January!

5. Be prepared if something goes wrong

With Christmas being a hectic time for many businesses, there’s always a chance something might crash unexpectedly. If it does, don’t panic. It happens to every business once and a while, so you just have to make sure you have a few contingency plans in place. For example, have messages ready to post on your social media and in emails if your website goes down or you run out of favourite products unexpectedly. 

6. Set a reminder for the New Year

As you approach Christmas day itself, make sure you’ve got everything set up for the New Year as well. This includes taking down all festive messages once the season is over and replacing it with any New Year’s advertising you may have. Got a January sale planned? Get all your marketing materials sorted as soon as you can to avoid a panic in the last week of December.

7. Set up your out of office messages

If you’re taking a break over Christmas, set up automatic bounce back messages for your emails so your customers know when they can get in contact with you again. Maybe send out an email or another social media post on your last active day of work so your customers know to wait until you’re back

8. Finally and most importantly…

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! (At this point you’ve certainly earned it).

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