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Break tradition: wedding invitation trends for the non-traditional couple

The clan take a look at three simple but stylish wedding invitation trends so you don’t have to! Advise your non-traditional clients with these tips.

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How to get the most out of your leaflets

Leaflets and flyers are still some of the most effective forms of marketing, if used correctly. Here are five uses for this offline marketing tool, with added tips on how to make them work harder for you.

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Being a wedding photographer

Luke W Cleary, freelance photographer and long-time pal of, reveals what he thinks makes the perfect wedding photographer.

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Digital vs lithographic printing

Digital vs lithographic—it’s an age-old battle for printing supremacy, but whose side are you on?

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A day in the life of a wedding stationer

Kate tells us all about becoming a wedding stationer and what day to day life looks like for her at her business, IvoryMint.

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Show it off: the spring selection

Get inspiration or just have a snoop at what everyone else is up to in our newest instalment of the #showitoff showcase.

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How to be the best bridesmaid: tried and tested tips

Bridesmaid blogger, Katie Jenner, gives you her tried and tested methods for blogging, battling bridezillas, buying stationery and booking the photographer.

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Stacey Chadfield: how I got into wedding stationery

Stacey Chadfield (creative director at Awyr Glas) drops a few pearls of wisdom on becoming a wedding stationer.

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Top tips for getting that first paid client

Steven J. Wright (co-founder and managing director of Crawford & John Ltd.) gives his tips for turning a hobby into a business.

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How to invent new print products

Could you have an arsenal of unique print products at your disposal and not even know it? Ladies and gentlemen, step this way…

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