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How to create a great shop window display

Retail is incredibly competitive, and with the festive season upon us, it is crucial to stand out against competitors. A strong window display can bring in those crucial customers, but how do you make your window display grab attention?

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Crimes against stationery – your stories

We asked you to tell us your stationery-related injustices, and we were taken aback by the suffering you have all endured.  Sharing is caring, so here are all your criminal stationery stories. Have a hanky at the ready!

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The black and white, pen and ink illustration work of Rohan Daniel Eason!

Rohan Daniel Eason's stark black and white, pen and ink illustrations are rooted in the more traditional style of organic illustration. He tells Ben Tallon how his musical exploits led him back to his childhood pleasure of drawing.

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Ben Tallon column - Get out there and be part of it

According to creative columnist and illustrator Ben Tallon, we live in a country packed full of opportunities and great events. Each event could contain a crucial link to your next commission - Ben reveals how he opens doors and finds opportunities.

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Turnaround time - T&C's

Enjoy a lie in, have a long lazy brunch and take it easy because you have all the time in the world (or nearly) to get those orders in thanks to our brand new extension on turnaround time for those essential products.

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Crimes against stationery contest - the winner!

The results are in. One month ago, we asked you to tell us your stationery-related injustices, and we were taken aback by the suffering you have all endured. Find out if you're the winner here!

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Friday's Favourites

It’s Friday! And that’s right, it’s the last one of the month. Cheeky September squeezed five Fridays in so you lucky souls get to nose at other people’s work an extra time. We are far too good to you we know! Warning: pretty pictures enclosed!

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Wedding Stationery Trends

A real must-read for any wedding stationer, we discovered the next season stationery trends, themes and inspiration taking the stationery business by storm at The National Wedding Show in London.

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New product alert: Clear stickers

When you need an innovative sticker, the choice is clear. Literally. Clear stickers are the self-adhesive choice for those looking for packaging perfection. Read on to find out about our new product hero, and how it can pump up your products.

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Drawing on the train with Arrest All Mimics and Liz Atkins

We’re honoured to be a sponsor of the Arrest All Mimics podcast, especially this week which features Liz Atkins, Compulsive Charcoal project creator, visual artist and mental health advocate.

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