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EYI Love: why working the ‘modern’ way works for us

The husband and wife team down at EYI Love tell us how working the ‘modern way’ helps them to find inspiration, communicate with clients and expand their business.

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Posteritty: how we built a business on posters

Paul and Rob from minimalist poster design company, Posteritty, pop by to talk minimalism, methods and marketing.

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The enduring appeal of the business card

Product Manager, Martin, drops by the blog to explore the enduring appeal of the business card and how to use it to become more memorable when networking.

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Finishing touches for your wedding invitations

All wedding stationers and designers want to create amazing pieces of work for their clients; pieces that will stick in peoples’ memories and their hearts. Here are our top three finishing touches to any wedding invitation design.

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4 steps to prospectus perfection

Enrollment only happens once a year, so make it count with our guide to reaching prospectus perfection.

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Our bank holiday bundles of Joy are about to fly the nest...

Make the most of our exclusive extended May bank holiday product bundles, after Sunday they will be gone for good!

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5 things no folded leaflet can be with without

Got a promotion coming up? Stock up on design tips from the experts to make the most out of your folded leaflets.

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Top 3 wedding trends for 2015

Our resident wedding expert, Martin, drops some pearls of wisdom on matrimonial trends for 2015.

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May’s brilliant bits: our must-see blogs, sites and creatives

Get your gnashers ready for some bite-sized chunks of inspirational internet material gathered from the month of May.

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Stay in the loop and read our handy round up of what was new at this May.

Stay in the loop and read our handy round up of what was new at this May.

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