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Font of the month: Not Perfect

Not perfect - meaning room for improvement; like incorporating our latest font of the month into your next design project.

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Leap year promotion - free delivery on our five latest products

Free delivery on our five freshest products for the leap year. Well we had to do something with that extra day.

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Product update - tearproof business cards

Tearproof and waterproof business cards? Challenge accepted!

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Product update - rounded corners on leaflets and flyers

Round, round, get around, geta-rounded corners on our leaflets and flyers...

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Product update - weatherproof posters

Wind, rain, sun and hail. No it's not tomorrow's weather forecast, it's all the stuff our new outdoor poster stock can metaphorically laugh in the face of.

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5 of the best TED Talks for creatives

Discover 5 top instalments of those nifty TED talks ideal for creative types.

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Product update - saddle stitched brochures

What's the sitch with saddle stitched? Well we're glad you asked. Come this way...

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Get excited - it's the new Exhibition Collection

Take a stand for your brand with the new Exhibition Collection.

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What’s your Valentine’s Day design type?

If you’re dying to know which Valentine’s Day design style fits your personality, take our quiz and find out!

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Font files and how to create your own - the smart creative's guide

Fed-up of trawling through font FAQs? We've got a one-stop shop of fontly facts and fun sure to melt your (type)face.

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