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Wedding Fonts: A Guide for Brides and Grooms

An often-overlooked yet profoundly impactful detail of a wedding day is the choice of fonts. As brides-to-be and grooms plan their special day, understanding the art of selecting wedding fonts can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Fonts are the unsung heroes of any design. They infuse personality, set the mood, and allow you to have fun. Take a look at some of our favourite typefaces for you to get creative with for your big day…

Tips for Pairing Wedding Fonts

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Just like the couple’s compatibility is essential, so is the harmony among fonts. One crucial element to remember when it comes to wedding fonts is that they must compliment each other.

Contrast is Key

Balance fonts by playing around with the bold, italic and underlined settings to create an engaging contrast. A good rule of thumb is to also pair a decorative or script font with a simpler sans-serif font for balance and readability.

Stick to a Typeface Story

Choose a font family and stick with it for various items to ensure a cohesive look across your wedding ensemble. We suggest sticking to one or two typefaces for a polished feel.

Online Resources for Wedding Fonts

Arming yourself with the right tools is the smartest way to finesse fonts. Here are some of our favourite ways to discover fonts.

  • What The Font: Upload an image or screenshot of a font you love, and this tool will identify it or suggest similar ones.
  • DaFont: With over 34,000 fonts available for download, you can search by category to find the perfect fit for your theme.
  • Canva: Offers a vast selection of free and premium fonts perfect for any wedding style. They also provide templates so that designing everything from your Invites to Thank You Cards is easier.
  • Adobe Fonts: Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, it offers a curated collection of high-quality fonts from renowned designers.
  • Google Fonts: A library of over 1000 open-source fonts that can be downloaded with the click of a button.

Popular Wedding Font Styles

Hatton from Canva: With its bold, stylish lettering, this font is perfect for adding a touch of drama.

Lavonia Classy from Canva: This handwritten font adds a personal touch to any design and is perfect for couples looking for a more casual and relaxed wedding feel.

Slight from Canva: A clean and simple sans-serif font that adds a touch of sophistication to any design.

Girlfriend from DaFont: For a touch of whimsy and playfulness, this quirky font is the perfect choice.

Lust from Adobe Fonts: This bold and modern font is perfect for couples wanting to make a statement with their wedding invitations or signage.

Josefin Sans from Google Fonts: This simple font is perfect for a contemporary wedding with its clean lines and geometric shapes.

Choosing the right wedding fonts can seem like a daunting task, but hopefully, this guide has provided helpful tips and resources to make the process easier! Discover our collection of wedding stationery that is fully customisable with whichever fonts you choose…

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