The latest Top Drawer design trends revealed

Looking for the latest Top Drawer trends? You’ve come to the right place.

For those of you that have been with us for a while, you’ll know how much we love Top Drawer. It has a very special place in our hearts. Plus the exhibition hall is always packed to the brim with our lovely customers putting themselves out there.

Twice a year, Top Drawer partner with The Better Trends Company to reveal their upcoming designs trends for the season. It’s a fantastic window into new product ideas, colour schemes, materials and more. Plus it’s a great way to reflect on your own business offering. Could you be using these trends within your range?

While there are normally 4 trends revealed at each show, this season is slightly different. For the autumn/winter addition at Top Drawer, they’ve honed in on 2 very unique themes. Let’s explore them together!

Top Drawer Trend 1: Art Therapy

This trend focuses on analogue creativity and self-expression. It centres around embracing everyday items as blank canvases for experimentation in both colour and mark-making. It’s a really stark contrast to the world of our flat screen digital devices, and it encourages physical processes to be celebrated (with all their imperfections!).  

Hand drawn illustrations and painterly flows are a key theme with this trend, as well as the use of mid-tone hues, accented with lilacs and yellows. 

Top Drawer have called out a number of exhibitors showcasing their use of this trend, and these are some of our favs. 

Image credit: Coco Chocolatier

Coco Chocolatier‘s vibrant packaging really caught our eye, and we were intrigued to discover that their designs are born from collaborating with artists. This design is part of their latest partnership with Studio Canailles.90. We adore the collage element which makes the whole product feel really wholesome and personal. 

stationery at top drawer

Image credit: Teresa Rego

Teresa Rego‘s stunning range of Postcards and Art Prints really capture this ‘Art therapy’ trend in it’s entirety. The layered, organic nature of her illustrations have a real sense of freedom and flow, with vivid pops of colour to break up each composition.

pair of earrings

Image credit: Ishbel Watson

We’re in love with these handmade arch drop earrings designed by Ishbel Watson. The organic, dappled design is made from birch plywood – and is a beautiful handmade item that we’ve already added to our Christmas wish list.

Top Drawer Trend 2: Raw Essence

In the current climate, our understanding of the earth is broadening, and many of us have a much bigger appreciation and respect for nature. There’s this desire to connect which is very much what this theme is about.

As well as organic materials, this trend looks at repetition, movement and hypnosis within design. Spirals and fractals are a running theme, as well as raw contemporary textures that create an almost luxury aesthetic. Popular colourways include earthy tones within natural materials, spiked with vibrant blues, greens and golds. It is opulent yet organic.

Again, the experts at Top Drawer have celebrated a number of exhibitors exploring this trend, and we simply had to share some more highlights!

greeting card design

Image credit: Wendy Bell Designs

We were thrilled to see our lovely customer Wendy Bell Designs showcased as part of this trend at Top Drawer. Her stunning range of Greeting Cards and Wrapping Papers are whimsical yet have endless depth to them. We could get utterly lost in her designs… or just dive into them completely? Is it just us?! 

pair of earrings

Image credit: Silver Sapling

Adds to basket‘. Aren’t these earrings designed by Silver Sapling just gorgeous? The rawness to their shape and composition makes them feel truly one of a kind. They are made using recycled silver which is melted down and hammered out before being domed. Topped off with gold leaf and some light oxidation, their rustic finish is simply charming.

tableware bowls

Image credit: Quazi Designs

Who doesn’t love a bit of tableware? Especially when it’s handcrafted like these stunning bowls created by Quazi Design. Changing the perception of waste paper and handcraft, these products are handmade from 100% waste newspaper, but wouldn’t look even slightly out of place in a contemporary home. 

So, there you have it! Our rundown of the Top Drawer trends this season. Inspired? Don’t forget to tag us in all your creations using @printedcom and #ProudlyPrinted

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