What is the difference between leaflets and flyers?

It’s a conundrum that we have often wrestled with here at just what is the difference between leaflets and flyers? It can’t be anything to do with low or high print quality, as we offer both at nothing less than superb standards. So maybe it depends on the purpose – whether that’s promoting a pizza restaurant or listing prices at a highbrow art exhibition. Maybe design is the deciding factor, or paper weight. In the interests of clearing up this gnarly issue once and for all, we’ve come up with a fun quiz to show you whether you need leaflet printing or flyer printing.


what is the difference between leaflets and flyers infographic


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Whatever you call ’em, we’ve got a huge range just waiting to be discovered. Go explore the range for yourself!

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8 comments on “What is the difference between leaflets and flyers?

  1. C Hiazos on

    Looool! Good one.
    Ive never really wondered what the difference was between the two but now I know.

    I have to give it to, you guys do a great job.



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