Revealed: The secret to great photographic prints

Any photographer worth their salt knows that reproducing photography takes extreme time and care. It’s no secret that high quality papers, technologically advanced presses and developing techniques are the tools needed for a photograph that can drop jaws as quickly as the click of a shutter. Discover how the new Photography Collection here at can help you create a work of art without you scouring the streets and the net for those essential materials and without blowing your budget.

Impress with large format specialist prints

There are some occasions when only a large, specially finished photographic print will do the job. When you have an exhibition, need some eye-catching pieces for your showroom floor, or have a customer who wants that special shot to stand out, these are the prints that will exceed the expectation.

The new Photography Collection has a whole range of specialist large format products which are guaranteed to impress:

  • Giclée Fine Art Prints
    Giclée is French for ‘spray’, which is how we create these prints—high tech Epson inkjet presses spray ink onto the photographic paper for rich, full colours. Order your giclée prints flat for your portfolio or mount them on your choice of mounting board; Foamex, Foamcore or card, so that the finished print is perfect for whatever you had in mind. 
Forest in Autumn
  • Photographic Prints
    An old favourite, printed and finished in style! If you already have plans for your photograph, order it as an unfinished print and frame, display or mount it up however you like in-house. If you want a finished, displayable product you can work with as soon as it arrives, we recommend our wrapped or edge to edge photographic prints. Job done
Photographic prints in 4 different sizes
  • Canvas Prints
    As classic as they are elegant, canvas prints will always be a firm favourite with photographers. You know what you want, and we think you should be able to get it, that’s why you can order your canvas prints as frame wraps, or unfinished canvas prints. Like our photographic prints, you’ll have the opportunity to decide whether you want to be able to use it straight from the delivery box, or whether you just want it printed, ready for whatever special in-house project you had in mind.
 Canvas prints in two sizes
  • Framed Prints
    We like to think that this is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get your shots printed and framed. Upload your image and we’ll create a frame to your specifications using expert craftsmanship and precision tools. Qualified framers will finish your product and carefully ship it to you, complete with the appropriate hanging accessories so it’s ready to hang right out of the box. 

Photography for promotion
Clients will be keen to take a look at your portfolio or get a taste for your personal style, so meticulous printing is essential, and that’s where we come in. Your photography works hand in hand with our innovative presses and high quality papers so your shots are brought to life— utterly irresistible to clients of every kind.

You can find all your old favourites, like bound brochures, postcards and stickers along with some new, specialist products like CD and DVD disk labels, covers and case inserts. Now you can create digital portfolios and complete client orders with equal professionalism.

Choosing the best papers and canvases
Different photography projects and jobs call for different papers; nailing your paper choice is part of creating that coveted, ideal printed end result. Our Product team have been hard at work testing and sourcing the ideal selection for each product in our Photography Collection. You’ll be able to find outstanding canvas from experts at Innova, photographic papers from Epson, Kodak and Hahnemühle and our own range of luxury papers. Whatever the occasion or the job, you can find something that suits down to a tee.

Presses for precision
What are the papers without the presses? When you’ve finally achieved the shots you want and have taken the time to choose papers which are going to accentuate them, you want to be safe in the knowledge that the presses recreating your images are going to be the best they possibly can be. We use a combination of Hewlett Packard Indigo digital presses and Epson Stylus Pro presses to make sure that each product is recreated exactly as it should be; with depth, vibrancy and colour-accuracy. What more could you ask for?

Epson Printer in action

Now that you’ve got all the tools you need in one place, you can promote yourself and fulfil client orders quickly and easily without having to worry about the quality or the finish—leave that bit to us and enjoy doing what you do best!


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