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The ultimate guide to paper stocks

We often get asked to recommend a paper stock for print, so we knocked together this neat little paper stocks guide to help on your next print job. Scroll down for our quick, dirty tips on choosing the best paper for your print:

Paper Stocks Guide infographic

Paper Jargon Buster

GSM – Simply means ‘grams per square metre’ and tells you the weight of the paper. The higher the number the thicker the paper. For example a good letterhead might be 120 gsm, a business card would be about 350gsm.

Stock – The paper or other material to be printed.

Silk – A type of coated paper that has a low surface sheen and luxurious feel. It makes printed colours appear bright and well defined. Silk is always the best choice for readability so is commonly used to brochures and business cards.

Gloss – A type of coated paper with a high surface shine and very smooth finish. Printed colours ‘pop up’ and appears extra vibrant, bringing images to life and making it a perfect for ‘glossy’ magazines.

Uncoated – This paper has no coating which gives it a soft finish and tactile quality which makes the inks appear flatter. An uncoated stock is best for stationery or postcards as it’s easy to write on.


Sometimes the best way to choose paper is to hold it in your hands and feel it for yourself. This is why we offer you our handy sample pack which can be ordered here.

Still unsure about which stock to choose? Check our luxury paper stocks guide for more information. Comment below and we will help you with your printing conundrum.


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