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Five new ways to sell your wedding stationery


Business growth: sounds great but seems hard. We’ve cobbled together five new, easy ways to sell your wedding stationery and rustle up more exposure, short of buying a billboard in Piccadilly Circus, that is.


1.     Online marketplace

Ways to sell your wedding stationery | Thank you wedding cards in pink and blues


Creative businesses thrive in online marketplace environments; shoppers are visiting with the intent of finding something handmade and—most importantly—unique. If there’s one thing brides are clamouring for at the moment, it’s a one-of-a-kind matrimonial experience for themselves and their guests. Get yourself set up on a site like Etsy, or Folksy and expose your work to a whole new audience.


2.     Get chummy with a local venue


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If there’s a venue local to you that regularly hosts weddings, it might be worth your while to strike up a partnership with them. Becoming a recommended supplier to a venue like that could give your business a massive boost and help ensure a steady influx of work while you spend time marketing yourself elsewhere.


3.     Designer finders, designer keepers


ways to sell your wedding stationery | centre of attention


If you’re a dab hand at bespoke commissions and one-off projects, sites like are excellent places to drum up some extra work and fill that portfolio. You can browse jobs posted by brides or businesses, pitch your proposal and take it from there. It’s a good one for stoking the fires with a little competition to keep you sharp!


4.     Through the grapevine


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There’s nothing like word of mouth to get the jobs flooding in. Encourage brides you’ve worked with to spread the word, or incentivise them with your own refer a friend programme. If you’re not keen, how about inviting your customers to review your services and posting the reviews on your website or online marketplace store? If there’s one thing sure to encourage new business and build trust with potential clients, it’s testimonials from other brides.


5.     Surf the web


ways to sell your wedding stationery | girl on the laptop


Setting up your own website is an excellent way to guarantee more business. If you started out selling on one of the online marketplaces we recommended in step one, having your own site can help to make browsing brides feel like your business is more legitimate. Getting started isn’t as hard as you might think; visit sites Wix or WordPress and sort yourself out for free.

If you’ve got a minute, why not road test some of these new ideas to see what works for you? Tested them out before? Check also the wedding stationery trends for more information. Leave a comment below to let everyone else know how you got on.


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