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Inspiring ways to use new Vellum paper stock

Vellum paper is here! Love it, but not sure how to use it? Get inspired right here with a few ideas on how to elevate your Wedding Invites, add an extra dimension to your stationery or discover a new way to layer up the luxury.


Vellum printed wedding invites

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Luxe layers

As Vellum paper stock is translucent, it’s ideal for laying up over bold designs. The subtle matt finish of our Vellum paper allows just enough of your artwork to be visible through the stock, whilst still offering another opportunity to add your finer details.


Vellum gift tags

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Double layered tags for wedding favours

Gift tags make the perfect finish for your wedding favours, and double layering yours is the ideal way to add an extra flourish. We recommend printing your tags on Flat Unfinished Sheets and adding your names to your vellum layer. Then you can finish the tags yourself, with ribbon, twine, pins or string, depending on your theme and feel! (Or, use them as regular gift tags – they look great no matter the occasion!)


Double layered christmas gift tags

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Wraps for invitations

Vellum wraps add an extra layer of intrigue – turning your invites into exciting mini gifts. We love the extra dimension that this ethereal paper gives to Wedding Invites.


Wedding invite wraps

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Creative Menus

Whether you take the layered approach, or simply print your menus onto Vellum, they’ll look great on your tables. You could integrate your Vellum Menus into your table design – as they’re translucent, you can layer them over place settings without detracting from the overall finish.


Vellum printed menus

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Hard working RSVPs

Why not use layering to print your RSVPs? Print your key information on your under layer and your RSVP return note on the Vellum layer – guests can simply detach the under layer and keep it safe and return the Vellum RSVP to you.


Vellum printed RSVPs

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