How to set goals and actually stick to them this year

So, you’ve got a few resolutions. Maybe you’ve got a big goal that you want to reach this year. Maybe you’re just making small changes to become healthier, more productive, or save money? Whatever your goals for 2019, we’ve got some handy tips on how to not only stick to them, but achieve them and ultimately, finish 2019 knowing you absolutely smashed each and every one of them.



  1. Write everything down

Everything. Absolutely everything. Get a fresh new Notebook and start by writing your goal down. Write it 100 times over if you have to.


  1. Find your ‘why’

If you can, you need to ascertain a rock solid ‘why’ behind this goal. If you’ve got a goal to create a new business, think about what drives you. Where is your passion, really? Without this, you won’t have the drive to actually complete or succeed at your goal. So find it. And you guessed it, write it down (in your shiny new Notebook, of course)!



  1. Set achievable milestones

The reason many people fail at their goals is because they set them too high, or don’t give themselves enough time to actually succeed. Plan out a few milestones, maybe they’re weekly, maybe they’re monthly, maybe they’re finance driven, maybe they’re just to do one small thing every day and create a new habit.

  1. Celebrate those milestones

When you reach a milestone, make sure you celebrate it! You earned it. Maybe it’s a day out, a spa treatment, a meal out, or even a bottle of your favourite tipple. However you celebrate, just do it! Embrace the little victories along the way.


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  1. Get others on board

It’s proven that it’s easier to achieve something when there’s someone right next to you rooting for you too. Whether it’s a close confidante who can help you rationalise and talk through any road bumps or someone who’s along for the journey with you, get recruiting!

  1. Be inspired to meet your goal everyday

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, you don’t want it to end up brushed under the rug as an afterthought come mid-February. Print yourself a motivational quote, or stick post-it notes in your bedroom, kitchen, office or mirror to remind you why you’re doing this and keep you on track.

  1. Be prepared for the going to get tough

Sometimes, you’ll fall down along the way. But instead of berating yourself, remember that every time you get back up is another opportunity to succeed – keep going!



  1. Create your own goal calendar

Everyone’s goals are different. Everyone has different milestones, different daily tasks to achieve to reach their goal. Goal setting (and achieving) isn’t one size fits all. Customise your calendar to suit you. Whether it’s an excel document, a word-processed calendar or your own custom planner with specific dates, goals, milestones and rituals, make yours unique.


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