How can you use perforation?

As we have just introduced perforated wedding stationery, we wanted you to know all about the variety of products perforation can perfect. Also available on leaflets and flyers, there are many different ways you can utilise perforation on your stationery and paper products. 


Boarding pass style invitations

With destination weddings all the rage, boarding pass style invites offer an insight to guests of what is to come and really builds the excitement about going abroad to celebrate with the betrothed. Perforation perfectly opens up design options for destination wedding stationery, with themes such as vintage travel tickets on Kraft for steam boat or Orient Express style weddings. If you’re feeling more French Riviera for nautical-look nuptials, you could use primary colours against Uncoated paper stock for a hint of retro chic. Bon voyage!



One of the most common usages of perforation we’ve seen is by wonderful wedding stationers incorporating a single line of perforation to allow wedding guests to tear away their response from the rest of the event. Clever, resourceful and guests feel involved in the big day from the very start. RSVP’s with perforation can be used for a whole host of events, and it’ll save creating and printing another design.


Tokens for food and drink

Fancy offering patrons something special? Giving them a tearaway token for a free snack or beverage would be a great option. Or, if you’re a bride/groom or wedding stationer, you could have a number of drinks tokens as part of your wedding invitation set that guests can simply rip off and present at the bar.



A clever way to assist guests in planning their day is to have morning and evening plans split into two, especially if different venues are required. It’ll guide them to think about whether they need to get additional transport, or a babysitter perhaps. If your clients are going all out and having a multi-day wedding, then pop perforation lines between the different dates to help organise guests.


Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers come in all shapes and sizes, but perforation allows your voucher to be neatly attached to all the T&C’s you need. Therefore, they’ll be no misplacing of that must-needed voucher!


Donations and pledges

Perforate that fancy letter to your fundraisers with a little slip at the bottom asking them to pledge to a certain cause. Having all the info in one place will encourage people to take action, and allows them to make a difference quicker. It’s also an effective way to spread your message by giving them something to give to friends and family as part of a donation package. Recipients can tear off information on the charity and pass it on to someone else.


Raffle numbers on invites

Let’s be honest, raffle ticket books are not very glamourous. If you’re designing for a more upmarket event that has a charity raffle, why not incorporate those numbers into the invites? Guests will be hard pushed to refuse the invite when they know they already have a chance to win, and it saves that awkward rooting around in the purse to find the ticket when one thinks they’ve won.


What other ways will you be using perforation? Let us know by dropping a comment in the box below!


26 Nov 2016 12:05
very useful addition to your options
28 Nov 2016 12:11
really useful for invitations
29 Nov 2016 13:32
Great ideas! Definitely need to look in to creating some designs to use this option :)
Su Mwamba
01 Dec 2016 07:52
Thanks for the ideas - I definitely need to work on making use of this feature!
06 Dec 2016 19:57
Very insightful. Thanks!
Simon Edwards
07 Dec 2016 20:13
Its good to try something different. We have used it on vouchers in the past.
Bryony Bishop
11 May 2017 08:25
Can't wait to use this in my designs
19 May 2017 20:25
Such a great idea for invites!

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