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EYI Love: why working the ‘modern’ way works for us


Husband and wife team, Lorna and Jack, from wedding stationery company EYI Love are here to share a pearl of wisdom or two on how working the ‘modern way’ online helps them expand and run their businesses.

Where do you find your inspiration?
First and foremost, our customers continually inspire us with their vision, and we love nothing more than receiving a passionate and inspiring email from new and old customers! Lorna gets her inspiration from fashion and spends lots of time pulling inspiration consciously (and subconsciously) from magazines, books, blogs and wandering around department stores.

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Perfume counters have particular inspiration: the bright lights, beautiful packaging, the colours and glamorous girls all inspire the EYI Love brand.

Jack, on the other hand, pulls his inspiration from bolder graphic design, traditional typography and tattoo art. He will happily spend his days in a coffee house mulling over some old books, all for the sake of a good design. Jack also has an attention to detail like no other and finds much of his inspiration whilst we’re out and about receiving great customer service.

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In terms of websites that inspire us, there are so many! We really enjoy looking through The Selby’s blog: he has a really unique interview style and photographs people in their super creative homes or work environment. At EYI Love we are constantly inspired by people, and so this blog really gives us insight into their lives and what interests them.

Lifestyle blogs such as Fancy Treehouse, Garance Dore, Bleubird and Design Lovefest are all websites we like to browse through—they all document fashion, food, interior and style. The Glasgow Wedding Collective is also a great source of wedding print inspiration—we currently have bridal markets with them three times a year and plan to continue working with all of the local wedding specialists and grow our partnerships. There are lots of plans already in place, so watch this space!

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What design software you could not live without?
Adobe Creative Suite is used throughout our design process—it’s one of our most important digital tools!
Do you think typography is important?
In stationery design it can be the most important part—it is a pivotal contribution to the design aesthetic and can make or break a concept. Even the spacing can change the look and aesthetic of the design. We spend a lot of our time agonising over fonts and making sure they fit in with the overall theme of the product.

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Where do you see yourselves in the future?
Thankfully, internet communication allows us to work the ‘modern-way’, so our customers can view our products and send their wedding correspondence the ‘old-fashioned’ way. We work via email with our clients for designs and proofs and we can ship our stationery anywhere in the world.

Most recently, we were commissioned for Andy Murray and Kim Sear’s wedding in April 2015, after the couple saw our stationery designs online and particularly loved our blush pink and gold foil designs. This ability to communicate with clients through the internet is pivotal to our growth, and combining our online presence with a physical one ninth studio is so important to us as a company. We want to connect with clients all over the world and share our passion and vision! In the future we would love to continue what we’re doing but on a larger scale.

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We can see ourselves in a creative studio, perhaps collaborating with other textile/fashion/interior designers, creating jobs and opportunities and overall just having fun with what we do! We’re part of the Glasgow Wedding Collective whom we currently have bridal markets three times a year, and we would like to see this relationship grow and continue working with all of the local wedding specialists. There are lots of plans already in place with this, so watch this space!

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You can catch up with EYI Love on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. If something you read resonated with you, leave a comment in the box below.


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