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5 reasons postcards should be your go-to marketing essential

We’ve said it a million times and we aren’t afraid to say it again: postcards are one of the ultimate marketing essentials. To prove a point and to give ourselves another opportunity to talk about postcards, we’re going to tell you why we think a printed postcard should be your go-to marketing product.

postcard should be your go-to marketing watercolour artist postcard

1.    Direct marketing dream
You wouldn’t dream of posting a business card and a flyer might not survive the brutal postman’s bag, so postcards are the perfect happy medium. They’re the ideal size for posting (postcards, anyone?) and are super sturdy, so won’t get hurt on the journey. Add a gloss lamination to the front of yours to make sure that the print stays pristine.

2.    Ultimate keepability
Postcards are so keepable that we invented a new adjective just to describe them. Because they’re much thicker, postcards automatically have a high quality feel to them, meaning that people are far less likely to throw them away or discard them. We like to think it’s a primal thing.

postcard should be your go-to marketing: brewery opening postcard

3.    They’re wallet-friendly
One of the very best things about postcard printing is that you can get a shed load at really low prices without skimping on the quality at all. Now that makes good financial sense!

4.    Handheld showcase
Due to the expensive feel and neat size, postcards can easily double up as a showcase for artwork, a product range or photo postcard printing. Use the back for all your details and smother the front with your very best work to give potential customers a flavour of what you’re all about.

postcard should be your go-to marketing jeweller postcard

5.    Order inserts
If you like to tuck a cheeky bit of marketing in with a customer order then postcards are the answer to your heart’s desire. Pop on a discount code to encourage return visits, add some product shots to show them what else you do, or just say thanks for stopping by.

Are you looking for more Postcard inspiration? Them check out 6 ways to get creative with postcards post! Also, leave your own postcard marketing tips in the box below or share your postcard story and help to inspire others.


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8 comments on “5 reasons postcards should be your go-to marketing essential

  1. Su Mwamba on

    I think while business cards are small and very disposable, the postcard has the advantage of being a) larger, so slightly harder to lose!; b) potentially frameable, making a cheap/free art print for your customers; and c) multifunctional – it’s not just something to forget or throw away, it’s something you can actually use, share with a friend etc. By dint of having a use beyond simply advertising, the postcard actually becomes an eco-friendly tool for promotion…

  2. Lauren on

    Postcards are a more fun way to share information- artistic designs can be eye catching and it’s something we’ll definitely explore.

    Also make a great bookmark!



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