What stationery item would you be?


Stationery fans, this one is for you. We love stationery here, and it got us thinking about what we would be if we were an item. Are you more fancy ink pen or eraser? Find out here! Keep track of your answers and discover your stationery second life below! 

What was your favourite class at school?

A) Art because you loved showing off your creativity and making something beautiful

B) History as you were fascinated with the olden days

C) Drama – Getting to perform and be the centre of attention was great!

D) You disliked school and were mainly in detention, or skipping class

E) Science/Maths, and you still like your facts and figures

F) English Literature because of your flair for the dramatics and love of reading cutting passages of Shakespeare – he created the best insults!

What do you do at the weekends?

A) Go to fashion shows, shopping, and maybe a fancy art gallery or posh café for a prosecco.

B) Fix bits and bobs around the house and get errands done, with maybe a bit of time with the family.

C) Have everyone round for dinner, and then turn it into a party!

D) Get drunk and then flake on other plans because you’re hungover.

E) Go through the bills, catch up on current affairs and read books

F) Have a gossip with your friends (about your other friends)

Which food would you pick below?

A) Hors d’oeuvre

B) Roast dinner

C) A charcuterie sharing platter

D) Take-out

E) Kale salad

F) Oysters

And what drink would you choose?

A) Dom Perignon dah-ling

B) Cup of tea and a biccie

C) Cocktail pitcher to share with mates

D) Jagerbombs followed by passing out

E) Fruit smoothie or anything healthy

F) Anything strong and sharp

Where would you go for a weekend break from the below?

A) Chamonix Mont Blanc for some fancy pants skiing

B) The English countryside for some old school hiking

C) Ibiza = Party central!

D) Bermuda Triangle so you can disappear

E) Dubai to see the architecture of the Burj Khalifa

F) A spa to take some sassy selfies to make everyone jealous

Add up which letter you got the most, and then find out your stationery identity below! Remember to comment and tell us your results, and let us know what stationery items you’d also like to include!

Mostly A’s

Fountain pen

Well aren’t you an arty fancy pants? As cool as calligraphy with a creative spirit, as well as a ‘je ne sais quoi’ for trends and style, you’re the cream of the crop as an idyllic ink fountain pen.

Mostly B’s


Reliable, resilient, and a little traditional, you’re always there when others need you. Never wavering in a crisis and always hardworking even when you’re worn down, the pencil is what we all need in our lives.

Mostly C’s

Pencil case

Hello Mr/Ms Popular! Your welcoming demeanour is why everyone wants to be your friend, whether it be a home cooked dinner around yours or a crazy party, you’re the glue that brings everyone together.

Mostly D’s


You’re a little prone to mistakes, but you can recover quickly and move on. And yes, you might be a little flaky and messy with a tendency to burn out, but everyone needs you around!

Mostly E’s


A perfectionist with a penchant for the letter of the law, you’re a wise owl who wants to get it right every time. Making choices after careful consideration, you’re a ruler of discipline and precision.

Mostly F’s


Witty and cutting, you’ve sometimes been called prickly by others who don’t get your sassy and often dark humour. You can be a bit sharp but the glimmer in your eye gives the game away that it’s all in jest. Mostly.

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