What kind of designer are you?

Are you a frustrated artist? A trendy type? Maybe you’re more of a greener than green newbie? Take our quiz and find out what kind of designer are you?

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Here, at Blog, we have plenty of other fun and interesting quiz to take, see the list below:

  • Which Cat meme are you? Forget those scientific personality tests! If you really want to glaze deeply into the fathoms of your own psyche, this is the only quiz worth taking.Answer the questions and tally up your answers to reveal which internet cat meme you are.
  • Guess the Logo: The time to test your logo smarts has arrived! Find partial images of well-known, immaculately designed logos from companies you know and love.
  • Take the Colour quiz: Put your swatches where your mouth is and take the colour quiz. We’ve zoomed in nice and tight on a couple of colour favourites to see if you can still correctly identify them when they’re up close and personal.

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Check out our Artist and Bespoke edition – tag us and this could be you!

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